An Interview with Swamiji’s Mother

March 13, 2016

This interview was conducted by a devotee, Ma Nithya Bhakthikananda Swami, and translated from Tamil to English.

Ma Bhakthika:    First tell us about the conception and did you plan for the second child?

Mother: We never planned that way. Nowadays people say they  want the kid  and they don’t want the kid. nothing like that. Just like that in regular life, I conceived. We never thought we want or we don’t want. It just happened.Then when we went to Thirupathy trip we came to know I was conceived.

From my mother’s house they went to Thirupathy we also went with them.When we went there, people went up the hill had dharshan and did anga pradhakshanam (rolling on the ground) around the temple.

My parents were planning to go to thirupathy so myself, my husband, Senthil (Swamiji’s elder brother), my paati (grandmother)and some others all went as one group.We went around the hill and in the early morning, we did anga pradhakshanam.We both also did that and when we returned home I had a vomit.Then we got doubt because I did not get my periods that month. So we all decided that I got conceived.

We went to 7 to 8 temples and we went to Kalahasti, Kanchipuram and it was one week trip. after one week we returned home and it was normal. I was in my routine life. Nothing was different.

I was normal for nine months and after that I went to hospital for the delivery. Baby was in a huge size. Nurses and doctors asked me don’t u eat anything other than Horlicks. The baby is so big. They said baby is so chubby beautiful, fair and looks like kid from the set family. I had a normal delivery and I was discharged from the hospital in 5 days and we came home


Ma Bhakthika: Amma, you said you had some dharshan of Vishnu?

Mother-  My mother told  during that time one other family lived with us. Another girl was also carrying. She was  9 month and I was 7 month.She delivered girl baby and she was named as Kamakshi. So my mother wanted to have Meenakshi in our house.She used to tell  we want Meenaksi, Meenakshi.

My dad will not tell anything,only my mother says meenakshi.

I was in my mother in law’s house for 9 months and in the beginning of ninth month I  came to my mother’s house.

I was doing all the routine work. I will not expect anybody to do the work. I was normal. When I was in my mother’s house also I will do all the work. My mother used to tell that  my daughter will sit and eat only for 9 days. 10th day I will start doing work. I will fold the cloths,help the kids combing the hair, help in cleaning the vegetables etc. I help in small work and my mother will do in kitchen.

Ma Bhakthika: Can you tell us about your delivery pain and how it started?

Mother:  When the pain started, it was a light pain. The time was evening 6.30 pm. My mother went to one condolence in my neighborhood. I neglected my mild pain and I was cooking rice, making coffee and distributing to everybody.Then my mother came from the house and looking at my face. She said “your face was looking good when I left but now it looks different”

I said I had mild pain but I was doing some work. She said “do not do any work” and she went to take bath. Then we went to the hospital around 9.30 to 10.00pm.

Ma Bhakthika: Who are all went to the hospital?

Mother:  In those days they say the mother should  not come to the  hospital so the mother will come separately to the hospital

So 2 of my neighbors came with me to the hospital. After that my mother, my husband, everybody came immediately.

Ma Bhakthika: Was the delivery smooth?

Mother: Yes, the delivery was smooth but the baby was big and weighed around 10 pounds. 5th day I was discharged from the hospital and went to home, I was in my parents home for 3 months. Then I went back to my mother in law’s home.We were living in house in thiru voodal street house. They will  not take to hospital when we get light pain, they will touch your head and see the heat on top of  the head and if you get sweat in your forehead then they will take you to the hospital.

Ma Bhakthika:  How was the naming ceremony? Did you bring astrologer?

Mother: 9th day the priest came and he did all the rituals.For naming, we both only decided. My husband likes my father and he wants to  give his name to the child and I liked the name Shekar. Since my father name is Raja Muthaliyar,we combined both the names and gave the name as Raja Shekar. It was casual.

Ma Bhakthila: What did astrologer say?

Mother: I think when my husband’s brother looked for Samy’s (Swami) horoscope astrologer told that he will become a Samy.


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