Introduction to The Birth of The Avatar

arunachala and sun“An incarnation never incarnates. He never takes birth. The pure consciousness exists as it is but the body is created out of a collection of biomemories”

~Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Paramahamsa Nithyanada’s life is extraordinary in every single meaning of the word. Even before his birth, his life is nothing we can grasp simply. The dispositions of our mind and our language limit us from realizing him at once. That is why we must go so deeply into all the branches of the vast banyan tree that he is.

As we explored in the previous chapters, Meenakshi was a major component of Swamiji’s bio-memory. A bio-memory is, “your decision to respond to a certain situation in a certain way”.  Swamiji says, “So when I was deciding to play with the body just out of joy, the bio­memory search had started for the components and the contents with which this body needed to be created”. The muscle memory is all the physical activities you do during the day that gets engraved into you to the point where you don’t think twice about how you should wake up in the morning, get out bed, brush your teeth and so forth. Swamiji summarizes, “Muscle memory is the pattern of your actions. The bio-memory is the pattern of your decisions”.

With this understanding, we begin to learn the manifestation of Swamiji’s body. Now that we know about Meenakshi, we can understand her bio-memory in Swamiji.

We can now explore Swamiji’s muscle memory. In 1977, Swamiji’s parents went to the Venkateshwara temple in Tirupati as a young couple. As per custom, they received the Tirupati Laddu as prasadam to eat after their darshan. The moment his mother sank her teeth into the world famous sweet, the heart of her unborn fetus began to beat. Thus, Swamiji’s muscle memory is from Lord Venkateshwara himself. A few months later, Raja Shekar, as Swamiji was known during his childhood,  was born in January of 1978 a healthy baby, as big as a three year old in his home town of Thiruvanamalai, with Arunachala hill as a witness.

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