Nithyananda Yogam: The Beginning

Guru Gita Verse 34
Ajnana timirandasya jnanaanjana chalakaya 
chakshuroon militam yena tasmai sri guruve namah 

yogam day one3On Shiva’s thigh, Devi sat, where his muscle memory and bio-memory meet. Shiva mixed the cow ghee with dark grey ash that reverberated with the bio-memory of his own third eye. He drew circles in the silver plate that held the ingredients he gathered until it was a thick black paste. This was the jnanaanjana- the eyeliner that liberates. Shiva made this for Devi to awaken her third eye, to bring her from ignorance to light. 

“Keep this on all three of your eyes” Shiva told her, kindly while handing her the plate. She took it carefully and with her ring finger applied it between her eyebrows. She then traced the waterline of her eyes gently so that the paste would frame her eyes. Finally, with the paste left on her finger, she wiped it on the back of her head where her third eye organ expanded. 

Devi looked up at Shiva at that moment with a new face. The white of her eyes suddenly shone brighter. Taken by adoration for this change in her face, Shiva told her, “wear this every day from now on” 

For ages, this secret inside the guru gita was hidden from even the greatest scholars. The jnanaanjana was an
initiation given from guru to disciple, Shiva to Devi, to achieve enlightenment. Shiva himself clearly dictates how to make this later on in the agama. The hint was the word “chakshuroon”, the plural form of the word. In Sanskrit there are three conjugations, the singular, dual and plural. If Shiva had meant only two eyes, he would have used the dual form of the word. But here, he uses the plural form which indicates that he means all three eyes. From this auspicious beginning, eyeliner grew wings and evolved into the cosmetic that it is today. Unfortunately, the liberating aspects of eyeliner were lost and only the bones of this body are left.

Two days ago, Swamiji blew life into the corpse of this ritual. The night of Guru Poornima, under the gaze of the full moon in Ananda Puri courtyard, Swamiji brought this tradition back. We watched him bleyogam day one2ss another silver plate once again as he did ages ago. He passed it around to each of us to wear on our eyes. Swamiji told us about the incredible power of this paste.

He told us that Kupammal used to give this to him for an exam.

“You don’t need to take any exam. Just take this and put it on the four corners of your paper. It will look like a complete paper to your teacher” she would say and then send him. Swamiji would go and return in a matter of half hour for a two hour exam.

Jnanaanjana is painted on beatle leaves, stone slabs and even mirrors to make them incredible spiritual machines. If you put it on a stone slab, you can see galaxies and planets that are beyond the capacity of our modern telescopes. As Swamiji described this to us, we began to see the highly advanced society that we used to have on Earth. And slowly, we began to hope that with Swamiji, we can raise our civilization to that state once again.

5 thoughts on “Nithyananda Yogam: The Beginning”

  1. We want to be or want to get that Saami . Why not we became like Nithyayogini maa or Sundareswar Maharaaj !!! SHOULD we need more knowledge for that…. Or more practice…, more attachment with Swamiji or Enrichment? Saami !!!!

  2. These are the lessons missed when our mundane daily existence keep us fro the Master! This is what our dearest most beloved Sri Nithyananda Swamiji means when He says “What are you doing there when I am here.”

  3. Whatever Sad a shiva gave exclusively to Devi on that day, our Swamiji is giving to all of us so openly now. He has opened up the science of enlightenment and making it available to mass so easily…
    Gratitude, for being showered so easily and abundantly by our dear Swamiji

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