Audacious From the Beginning

Swamiji and his brothers as school children. He is on the far left.

For whatever reason, children we were never given the right cognition about ourselves. Our inner image faltered even as we ran around free of the weight of the world that society put on us. It is a remarkable quality to live without any hint of sadness in a world where sadness is paid and bought for. This was the kind of child that Swamiji was, even at the age of 4.

I always insisted in my satsangs that if I was born in the West, I would have been branded as “hyperactive” or an “indigo child”, or by some name, and they would have given me drugs from the age of one!  From the age of one, I would have been put on drugs!

ADHD is a fraud intended to justify starting children on a life of drug addiction. Dr. Edward C. Hamlyn, a founding member of the Royal College of General Practitioners is making this statement. Understand, now it is too late.  Already, human consciousness, human bio-memory, human muscle-memory, have started believing the “Why”, “How”, “When”, “What”, “Where” of ADHD, and it has already started becoming part of our system of thinking.  What a great crime committed against humanity!  

Not only mentally, even physically I was a powerful person. Even as a three, four year old kid…I’d throw heavy weights around. So my mother could not handle me. She cried to my grandfather and said, “Put him in school, I cannot handle him anymore!”

My grandfather said, “Okay, because half of the school was built by me.” So he took me to the school which was on the same street actually. He took me there and told the headmaster, “Put him in the school.”

The headmaster asked my age and all that and he said “No, no, no! Still two years is required, he’s under age.”

My grandfather said, “Whatever age is required for school you fill that.” That is the way my date of birth changed. Usually people will reduce the age. Mine increased. My original date of birth is ’78, in the horoscope it’s ’78, means original date of birth. But in the school certificate it is ’77. 

So they took me into the school and the headmaster sent me to my class. My class teacher was a converted Christian; recently converted. Actually to tell you honestly, in India the Catholics who have been Christians for generations, they have no problem. They live happily with people. They live happily with the society and Hindus. We also live happily with them. There is no problem.

But these converted fellows- newly converted fellows, God! The nuisance they create,  the recent converts, Hallelujah groups, ah pa! They stand outside our temple and give out pamphlets, material, saying that this god is devil, Satan, don’t worship. Even outside Vishwanath temples they used to do this.

child - in colorSo this fellow  was a recently converted guy. The moment he saw me, see I was brought up very orthodox, the Shaivite way, full of vibhooti everywhere and the Rudraksha Mala. With my full makeup I went and stood in the class. The moment the teacher saw me I think his kundalini got awakened. And he told me, “Hey! Don’t come with this all this paint. Why are you painting your whole body like that?”

My response:I just looked him up and down and just sat. And he said, “Tomorrow don’t come with all this”. And I did not respond. I just sat and went away. Next day I came to the class again with the same make up, my usual makeup and the moment he saw me I think his kundalini again got awakened and he said, “I told you not to come with all this makeup!”

Again my response! I looked him up and down and I sat; did not bother.

He said, “Come to the teachers’ room!”

In all the school there’ll be that stupid room. One stupid room where all these teachers will be sitting and smoking and flirting with the lady teachers. In all Indian schools, one teachers’ room will be there.

This fellow said, “Come to the teachers room!”

He went to teachers’ room and I slowly walked into the room. You are supposed to actually stand outside and ask, “Excuse me sir may I come in?” I did not do all that. I straight walked in. And he just got angry and he got up! And, I said, “Please be seated” 

 I think his kundalini has gone to his peak.

He could not handle the anger. He started wiping my vibhooti, cleaning the sacred ash which I was wearing and like Karna did not even wait to give by the right hand. So the moment my kundalini got awakened, I did not even wait. His hand was close to my mouth so “ACHHH”! I nicely bit him!

The moment I decided, my kundalini went up. Achhh! Nicely full teeth row on his hand. I did not taste his blood, but he was not able to even remove my mouth from his hand. And he was screaming in Tamil, “Leave me, leave me, leave me!”

And very slowly I removed. Then he saw the teeth, a nice mark, and slowly blood started coming out. “That’s it, I will tell the headmaster and throw you out of the school”, he screamed.

I coolly replied, “If you go out and tell a small boy has bitten you, it’s a shame on you, not on me’’.

And that guy did not stop. “Hey, I will tell the headmaster and throw you out of the school”, he screamed.

Then I just said, “All right come on, let’s go to the Headmaster. You tell what you have to tell. I’ll tell what I have to tell.”

DSC_9183-bwHe got frightened. He said, “What? What are you going to tell?”

I said, “I’ll tell everyday what you and Lakshmi teacher do under the Banyan tree in the temple.”

He was having an extramarital affair. Every day he would come to the temple with the teacher, Lakshmi teacher. Both of them would come and sit under the tree. I would always be sitting above in the tree.

I told him, “Come on, you come and tell what you have to tell the headmaster. I will tell what I have to tell the headmaster.”

And immediately his whole kundalini came down and he just sat on the bench. He took his kerchief, tied it around the bleeding part and said, “I won’t tell, you won’t tell, go, go!”

Understand, this same incident could have created a pattern in a normal child. Even a teacher attacking you, it could have created a pattern. But I did not respond to that situation by creating a pattern in me but I created it in his hand. I created a pattern in his hand. Please understand  you do not necessarily need to create a pattern as a response for every powerlessness.

So, the combination of these two -wrong sound and wrong visualization – is pattern.

And by pouring the right sound and the right visualization, the wrong sound and visualization can be burned away, purified. This is the Shivoham process.

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