Swamiji wields a power beyond what a normal orator can do. Orators can play with words, but Swamiji can simply transmit the image that he seeing to our minds. As if a network of metaphysical fibers is stretching out from us to him and wrapping around each other, going from two different entities to one inseparable unit. In the aftermath of this union, every time we remember him, that intimate place where our stuff intertwines reverberates within us, sometimes so much that it expresses as a power. Any kind of power- from a small smile out of nowhere or an actual diamond out of nowhere.  

When the great truths of our ancestors were experienced by from master to disciple, this ensured the continuation of the Upanishads for generations~ right until they were delivered from our own guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. 

Keno Upanishad Verse 4

na tatra cakṣurgacchati na vāg gacchati no manaḥ
na vidmo na vijānīmo yathaitadanuśiṣyāt || 3||
anyadeva tadviditādatho aviditādadhi
iti śuśruma pūrveṣāṁ ye nastad vyācacakṣire || 4 ||

Listen. The moment I read this verse, I had one experience flashing in me, which happened in my life in 1995. I will narrate the whole thing, listen carefully.

After I had the darshan of Shankara Baba in Haridwar who came and gave me food and medicine and cured me, I was completely hail and healthy, blissful, running, enjoying. Suddenly one day, evening I heard the news, Swami Vairagyananda, Sarada Devi’s disciple, Swami Vairagyananda, I have heard about him. I have even had his darshan earlier. I heard he was in hospital really ill and need to be attended. There a hospital in Kankhal, land was given by Maha Nirvani Akhada to Ramakrishna Mission, built the hospital and maintaining it. In 17 places Maha Nirvani Akdhada has given land to Ramakrishna mission – major places in India

So I ran to the hospital. I had the opportunity of serving him. The best punya this body has ever earned is serving the elder Sadhus, especially when they are sick. Cleaning their 1 and 2 without feeling the hesitation, treating them properly. He was not able to go in the restroom and I used to clean and take care. He has developed little bed sores and I used to attend to that. That is my passion. The best thing I will enjoy is taking care of elderly sadhus, who are not well, who need to be attended.

My Guru; when she gave the Danda for parivrajaka, she told me “You will never be in want of anything you need for survival. Your life will never be under threat. You will be protected”

She said, “Always serve elderly sadhus, tht will be e great punya”

Of course, I did not leave immediately. After she left the body only, I left Tiruvannamalai. I always kept the word of serving the elderly Sadhus.

He was so happy the way. I took care of him. He is a Mahatma. I can see clearly the internal organs are failing the beaming joy in the face. Only Bhogis lie down flat, never Yogis. His internal organs are failing, he may be alive maximum next 28-48 hours.

He voice, “Aye, kokā”

Bengali word to ad
dress a kid is Koka Maharaj. “Koka Maharaj make me sit.” I have to drag him little up, so that he in at least in the slanting position.

“Why do you want to sit, just lie.”

“Nahi, only Bhogis lie down. Yogi can never lie down.”

He used to tell the royal brand horses can never sit or lie down and sit. King has the habit: of a royal horses. Middle class sits or lies down throughout their life. I was shocked. I don’t know how much to believe. Till the end, the flat lying down was never his lifestyle and he will sit and stretch the leg.

I can touch and feel God in the air he is breathing, in the space he is radiating. So I was serving him, taking care of him. Bed sores in the back and butt, I cleaned up all that.

Swamiji has said that, “for me, this is him” about this brass tumblr.

I just had only this one flash, what I can learn from him at this situation. The person of this caliber, tapasvi. The only property he left is – brass or copper glass, it is still with me. That is the only property he has left, not even a plate. Traditon in North, who attend to him when he is old, he is automatic legitimate successor. He has one small ishta devata, the feet dust of Sarada Devi, he gave that to me when he was about to leave the body.

Swamiji told us, “For me, this is him. It’s a worship object for me.”

Vairagyananda Swami had thousands of devotees come to him for darshan- even VIPs. While he was alive, this tumblr was witness to his bio-memory and muscle-memory. Now, it carries that from his life to Swamiji’s.

What I can learn?  The moment I had this flow, current. He just opened his eyes. “Koka, listen, if you enjoyed 5 senses related pleasures, when that 5 senses cannot function anymore you will fall into depression. Because life will feel empty. If you enjoyed only kind of a thinking, the intellectual pleasures, like scientists, mathematicians, logicians, when that logic is failing, the powerful logic will give way, you will fall into depression.”

“Even if you have developed only the power of repeating the name of God, logic slowly fails, you will fall into depression. Throughout my life I developed to rest in that pure unclutching space and my integrity to my Guru, so even though one by one my senses have failed, intellect is failing; visualization, emotions are failing; my integrity to the Guru which is holding me. This is what you can learn from my life as a lesson”

When he was describing , I could see. Most powerful old age insurance. Even if you just practice just repetition of name. Your ability to connect and remember will fail. Pleasure of remembering God  even that circuit will fail that in you. Visualize my own form and meditate, there will one moment where the visualization ability will collapse in you

Only one thing can hold you – your integrity to your Guru. The joy beaming in his face. Only with Arunagiri Yogeshwara, I had tears of gratitude in my eyes. The nest person I have tears of gratitue in my eyes for  is Vairagyananda. The power of his integrity I got entangled with that experience. I was literally vibrating with that space he was residing. That entanglement was the initiation. Whatever he wants to give me, a blessing, fulfillment.

IMG_3584Years before, Vairagyananda Swami was witness to a Jagaddhatri Puja. Traditionally, pujaris make Devi out of the clay and water from Ganga. But on this occasion, heavy rains made it impossible for the clay deity to stay in tact. Spontaneously, Sarada Devi herself sat. They conducted the puja to her. At last, Vairagyananda Swami bowed down to touch her feet. As he lifted his head to see his beloved guru again, he saw Jagadhatri herself from foot to head. At the last minute, he collected the kum kum offered at her feet for puja.

In 1995, Vairagyananda Swami gave Swamiji the paadadhuli of Sarada Devi.

With the first gold he ever received during his public life, Swamiji retrieved the paadadhuli he kept with him for all these years and made this ring.

He said beautifully,”See, in your brain if the salt level in your blood goes down, or keratin level goes up,  your brain will lose its ability to remember and connect. So even if you develop the habit of japa, at one time, you can fall into depression. When your brain collapses, loses its ability to connect and remember”

The best thing you should develop in your system, your ability to be in the space of unclutching, space of Sadashivoham, perpetual completion, which is technically called by Sadashiva as Sajuya Samadhi. You should develop that space.

I tell you, the fruit of your life is the way you leave your body, nothing else. Not what you left but the way you left.

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