Technique for Owning Time

Integrity to time is taken with the utmost importance around Swamiji. Kalabhairava, the Lord of Time, demands that he is not wasted away with unintegrated or inauthentic schemes. This is the way that Swamiji himself conquered the dimension of time.

 Iurl can give you a very powerful technique to own your time. Take 21 days and make your routine very stable. Like, morning 6-o-clock you will be in this part doing this, 6.30 you will be in this part doing this, 7.30 you will be in this part doing this. Like this, from morning till night make a clear routine and decide for any reason the routine is not going to change and tell your mind you are supposed to be comfortable and happy in that time doing that, that’s all. You will own time. It’s a very powerful process.

Understand, I did this. I did this in my life. I still remember, in Omkareshwar I did this. I’ll make a routine, morning whatever time I used to get up, from that time to going to bed, I know thoroughly, at this moment I will be near this stone sitting. Not doing anything, nothing much to do, but even then I will be sitting at this moment near this stone and thinking about this; standardized it. Standardize it. Standardize the routine just for 21 days and decide I am going to be doing this happily. Nothing can be done.


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