Trusting the Guru

038One day he was sitting in Padmasana, hands locked, planning to levitate. He would sit like that for some twenty minutes. And then slowly his body would move up. It would  take around half an hour to reach some three or four feet in height. And then very slowly, he would start releasing air.

I have seen, please understand, when he started releasing the air to come down, if you put a paper below that air flow, it would burn!

So one day he was preparing himself for levitation, legs locked in Padmasana, and hands locked in Samana Mudra, and an old lady came to him for healing. I don’t remember what is the problem was for which she came. And I picked up the healing stick which he used and tried to give him. He said, “You yourself do.” And I did it and she became all right. Just three times I did it and she became alright!

I can say that is the first time I started healing. Please understand, I did not gain this power in any tapas. He held me in that space. It was such a casual thing when he said, “You yourself do.” First thing, naturally, I was taken aback. But I had a strong trust on him. Because I know he was sitting in samadhi and he was rising in samadhi. In Samadhi state whatever he says comes true. I have seen that.

In samadhi state, if anybody tried to disrespect or abuse his body, I have seen them suffering like anything. One of his own sons- a grown up son- he drank and came to the house one day. In the house, Raghupathi was sitting and entering into samadhi – I can say, almost entered into samadhi – and the body started lifting up. And the son was fully drunk and he was shouting and he kicked him with the leg saying, “You do all these stupid things, but no money comes to the house!”

That’s it! That fellow had a paralytic attack and he died within a month! His own son!

So, I have seen all this, how powerful he was when he radiated samadhi. So, because he said to, I just picked up that stick and did it. Then I saw simply healing happened! From that time so many people I have healed.

But the science I understood only much later. Actually, he didn’t want to pick up the stick because he had already locked himself into the mudra and started levitating. If he opened his hand and comes down to the ground and started  healing, it may take some ten, fifteen minutes. So he didn’t want to do that. But very casually, the way he held me in his inner space, those powers started radiating in me!

I tell you, whenever a Master holds you in his inner space, never ever think he only gives you responsibility. He does not dump only responsibility on you; he dumps powers also on you! He gives powers to you! Only thing, you should trust him, not be taken aback, but continue to be part of his inner space and move. Rise to the way he wants you.

I have that response engraved in me because that is the way Raghupati Yogi will relate. Raghupati Yogi would respond.  He had that habit of having that one small stick, a small neem stick, in the villages they will keep, and go on cleaning the teeth.  Still, the elderly men in the village will have that habit.  They will eat only twice a day, but twenty-four hours they would be cleaning the teeth with that stick!  

So, my guru, my master, Raghupati Yogi, all the time he would be having one small neem stick and cleaning his teeth.  He was a village man, an elderly person.  

I still remember. I was a witness.  His child died.   They came and reported to me.  And, I was sitting next to him.  I only told him, “Guruji, one of your sons is in the hospital, it’s serious.”  

I didn’t see any shock in his face.  So, I finally broke the news, “He is dead.”  

And he continued to clean the teeth and said, “Okay, let us do what needs to be done.”

I am not saying, be insensitive.  He was not insensitive.  He just knows he cannot be violated. I tell you, establish yourself.

That brings you the strength of Mahadeva! Immediately your DNA starts vibrating in the same space of Mahadeva’s DNA.  Anybody wants Mahadeva’s DNA, blood transfusion with Mahadeva, take this concept, and from today go on digesting it.

But he lived a very ordinary life. Very ordinary life! Fourteen kids and very ordinary life; simple life, just like any householder. One house and he would come once in a while to the temple and start talking to people and living a very ordinary life.

Sometimes, I used to ask him, when I saw him expressing these kinds of powers, “Why don’t you express these powers to people? You will have a big following.”

He would just laugh and say,“The biggest miracle is producing a few enlightened people. If I do that job, I am done. Not these small, small miracles; small, small powers.”

This same philosophy is one that Swamiji carries even today. As people around him manifest extraordinary feats, Swamiji maintains “I’m not giving you powers as my glory. I’m doing all this to show your possibility!”


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