Yoga for the Brain

images-1Always Raghupati Yogi used to always tell me , he would teach different yoga for different parts of the body. See, for hands, he willgive some yoga. For eyes, he will give some yoga. For tongue, he would give some yoga. For nose, he would give some yoga. And the most difficult part to work out is the cheek. Even for that, he has some yoga.

When I asked him, “What is the yoga for brain?”

He would say categorically, “Chant Sanskrit, the Sanskrit language.  Chant Sanskrit mantras.”

I used to be surprised. He will insist that I chant surya namaskar mantras during the postures. He would insist that mantra chanting be done. I used to ask, “How can mantras be yoga for the brain?”

But now I know it’s true. There are some techniques created and installed. When I use the word installed, it means that a kind of a belief system or understanding needs to be installed in your system before this technique works on you.

When Raghupati Yogi taught this to me, just like that, it brought results in me.

He used to say, “Sanskrit is not a language but a thinking  method. There are six systems of thinking in Vedic Tradition – poorva mimasa, uttara mimasa, sankhya, paada, nyaaya, vaiseshika – in each school of thinking the language used is completely different.”

The basic ideas about the body and mind were installed into me by Raghupati Yogi. It’s almost like giving a satellite connection. After that, opening certain channels and closing certain channels wais an easy job.

So, Hatha Yoga is able to do the job of installing the right understanding about your body in you, about your nervous system in you. I think in the education system of new man, this should be a complete syllabus. Understanding your body, understanding and your mind , should be one subject completely.

If I am allowed to design a syllabus for new man, one subject, the first subject, would be “Understanding your body and mind”

This will be the basic theory. In that, the second elective you can choose is, Extraordinary experiences’

That will be an elective, you can choose. And the second subject will be, Understanding society and family– people with whom you work.  When I say the word ‘family’ I mean the blood family or the team with which you work in your office, in your profession.

A third subject should be ‘Understanding cosmos and celebrating its presence’.

I can say, these three subjects should be the basic curriculum for new man. Fortunately the right ideas have been put inside me.

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