Golden Childhood


Many people write about the history of their golden childhood, glimpses of golden childhood.  No childhood is golden, because they were immature when they were in the childhood body.  When they are matured they are already in the adult body.

I lived a most matured life in a childhood body! I tell you, I had a real golden childhood!  Golden childhood is “child body, matured being”!  When a matured being lives in a child body that is a golden childhood.  You will be as innocent as kids, as enlightened as more than any adult.

Matured being in a child body is golden childhood.  All other ideas of golden childhood, look back. Actually, when you were a child how were you?  You were frightened about your teacher.  You were frightened about your hostel warden.  You were frightened about your classmates.  You were frightened about bullying by your other friends or students.

Then how can you call that as a golden childhood?  And you are pulled and pushed and dragged by small, small desires like candy, a toy!  You have so much of incompletions when you were a child.  How can you call that as a golden childhood?

Matured being in a child body is a golden childhood.


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