The Friend of Snakes

url-1I have seen, he used to make siddha medicines also for which he needs snake venom, snake poison. So he would just do some kind of a pranayama- breathing technique- create a sound and release a particular smell through the nose. The snakes would automatically come near him as if they are in the sexual orgasm.

When the snakes have intercourse, two snakes – they will roll on the ground and they will move just by rolling. Only if you have seen, if you are from Indian village and seen you would understand what I am talking. They would not move like a normal way, they will be rolling on the ground and moving.

Just by the smell he releases, they will get into that mood and come towards him as if they are in that ecstasy and all he would do is, he will have a small cup, the stone cup and he would take that snake and put the mouth and take the venom and release them.

Or, through the corner of the mouth he would create a vibration and snakes will come, as if they have been tied by a rope and being pulled. Just like that, they would come. Usually snakes will go like an ‘S’, this way and this way they will move. But when he creates vibrations, I have seen that snakes will come straight, as if a rope or thread has been tied and it is pulled, straight.

Once he caught a cobra and made it bite me. Just to prove the science of removing poison from the body. Then he had a herb which he put at that spot and sucked the poison. He was showing me the peak of consciousness and unconsciousness – how to go to peak of consciousness even when poison is spread into your body. For even a second, I did not have fear.

He made the cobra bite, I was slowly falling into the consciousness, he was instructing me, “Balance your samana.”015

I could feel at that moment that a spot in the Sahasrara -crown chakra- got opened and got connected to the Visuddhi -throat chakra- and an intense flow of sweetness

Once Raghupati yogi was explaining this rajju sarpanyaaya to me. He wanted to get a rope and show it to me as an example. He searched for a rope, he did not find it. He made some sound and then a snake appeared from nowhere! He explained the whole thing with the snake. He was a master in sounds – sabda tatva, vaak tatva.

He was explaining the whole thing with the snake and that snake was coolly lying down. Usually, on a rope you will project a snake and understand. But I learnt by using an actual snake and project the rope and understand.

But he would never hurt anyone. That’s why animals were so loving around him.

He would never let me touch his feet. He always told me that, “History will curse me if you touch me. I am here to prepare you to show the world that you are an incarnation.”

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