Heaven and Hell

10995359_328587637351612_1401516141275965020_nHell and heaven have different definitions across the world’s religions. Hell; the fiery torture pit that we formed in our minds in the time of Dante’s writings. Heaven; the bright and airy abode of God. But these are monotheistic ideas of heaven and hell. Far before these ideas ever became famous, Hindu sadhus and swamis knew the truth about what is truly heaven and what is truly hell. This is the truth that Yogi Ramsuratkumar taught Swamiji when he was eleven years old. 

I had such a wonderful introduction about death by Ramsuratkumar.  I had the fortune of sitting in the cremation ground and seeing the bodies burning at the age of eleven or twelve. Understand: it’s an amazing introduction.  Nothing can equate his words and his way of introducing.  

I asked him one day out of curiosity when they were bringing one dead body.  

I asked him, “Swami, Swami, has he gone to heaven or hell?”  

I asked him in Tamil, “Sollunga, ivan narakam ponaana Swami….?”

He laughed and told in Tamil, “Ada, engeyum pogalai pa!  Ivan irukkumpodhu engey irundhaano, angey thaan irukkaan!”

I’ll translate: “People don’t go to hell or heaven.  When they were alive what kind of space they were in that will only continue!”

Please understand, when you are alive, make heaven for you by creating completion within you and completion with others.  While you are alive, make heaven for yourself.   Don’t make hell for you.  If you are in hell now, if you die now, don’t think you will move to heaven or somewhere else.  No.

I was shocked actually when he said these words. “Hey, nobody goes anywhere!”  

Come to terms with reality NOW!  Let reality not bring powerlessness in you.  Let reality not lead you to incompletion.  Let reality not make you suffer.  Let reality not make you powerless.  Coming to terms with reality is Completion.  

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