2016-7july-3rd-nithyananda-diary_IMG_6968_varanasi-aadheenam-shivoham-process-swamijiDuring Inner Awakening, a revolutionary 21 day program held by Swamiji, the shivoham process is the most powerful processes that participants experience. In this, the participants sit in a mandala -or a specific shape that matches the cosmic geometry-  while Swamiji chants shodasi mantras that awaken our kundalini. As we all sit around Swamiji, our inner space reverberates with the echoes of his voice.  

This process itself can change our lives immediately. And to imagine that these mantras have been within Swamiji since he was a young child…

images-3At a very young age, six or seven, I was initiated into shodasi which is the syllabus of Devi. I was initiated by Mata Vibhutananda Puri, Mata Kuppammal.

She initiated me into the science of devi worship. The sixteen sounds I use in the Inner Awakening process and sri mandala. This whole process she initiated me into. She was an adept in the science of devi satagama, devi worship.

My whole body became mantramaya: means vibrating, reverberating with that mantra. How the honey oozes from the honey comb, the mantra would ooze from me.

031Actually in that shodasakshari, when you chant the mantras, your chakras become alive and from there the panchakshari, ‘Om namah shivaya’ will come out. Panchakshari is not supposed to be chanted by you, but Panchakshari has to happen from inside you.

You may pick up any mantra like ‘Om hreem Nithyanandaya namaha’. Actually ‘namah shivaya’ is the beeja mantra of each chakra and it will come out of your body by itself. Then you become mantramaya.

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