The Childhood Home

The moment you step out of Swamiji’s house, this what you see.

Knowing about Swamiji’s childhood home makes you know more about the way that Swamiji lived as a child, the way that he grew. You enter into the secret life of Swamiji where no one else has been with him. You can see that down to the very core, he is committed to the tattvas that he lives and breathes: authenticity, integrity, responsibility and enriching. 

We begin with authenticity…

I tell you, authenticity is a strategy plan for your life.  If you are learning the quality of cunningness, it may be useful for a short time, a few days, a few years, or a few lives; but not for your whole life!  But authenticity, if you are learning and developing that quality, it is a strategy planning for lives after lives after lives!   I tell you, make Authenticity as the pattern in you, as the strategy planning in you, as the strategy planning truth in you.  It will be the greatest service you will be doing for lives after lives after lives.  

Authenticity is the right ingredient with which your inner personality can be built.  The ingredients, the material with which you build the building, that is (what is) going to decide the longevity and the strength of the building.  

Authenticity is a granite construction!

I have seen the house in which I was born and brought up.  It was 300 years old!  They were demolishing it when I was maybe 10 or 12 (years old) – to build a new house.  It took six months to demolish that house with all the available machinery of the modern world!  They were not able to demolish the house which was 300 years old!  

Understand the material and the strength of the construction!  Many places they used granite and teak-wood, and it is called  those days, “Madura Teak Granite”?  Each brick was like granite made out of lime, haritaki powder, egg shell.  

You can see your face in the wall!  It will be so shining!  The wall will be so shining you can see your face in the wall directly without mirror and comb your hair!  Still, in southern parts of Tamil Nadu area, in Chettinad, they have those types of houses.  To remove the floor, it took full one month for them!  Just to remove the floor!  To remove the roof, it took two months!  Every inch they have to break.  Even if you remove the pillars, roof was standing independently!  Just by the two last pillars, the whole roof was standing!  

The material with which you build the house decides the strength of the house.  Same way, the material with which you build your cognition decides the strength of your being!  Authenticity is the ultimate material with which you can build your cognition.  

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