True Freedom

DSC_7950Sannyas is the only way to true freedom!  Please understand, I am not saying one way to true freedom. Even when it comes to Hinduism, I am not a fanatic.  But when it comes to sannyas, I think I am a fanatic! But one nice thing, my fanaticism is established on sound knowledge and perfect experience.   Sound knowledge and complete experience!

 In my life, I have even doubted at least once the masters whom I believed – Ramakrishna and Ramana Maharshi.  These two were the masters whom I believed while I was doing my practices.  They both are my scale to measure anything.  What is vairagya?  I will refer only to them.  What is enlightenment?  I will refer only to them.  What is tapas?   I will refer to them.  What is spiritual practice?  I will refer to them.  They were the scale for me to refer anything. Their words are the ultimate for me.  They both are the Supreme Court for me.  Even I doubted both of them, but I never doubted sannyas in my life.  

There was a time when I decided I will live without both of them in my life, before my realization of my mission.  Maybe, I can say, some ten hours I was in that space.  Once I even thought of disowning Hinduism!   In that space I was there for three or four hours.   I felt the whole Hinduism is fake! All masters are fake! I was in such deep depression. The last, just before enlightenment, means flowering, the last phase I have to walk alone.   So, that loneliness, I felt all masters are fake! Hinduism is fake!  At that time, I wanted to take revenge.  I threw the Ramakrishna photo which I was worshipping as my very being for years!  And I decided just to take revenge I will convert from Hinduism! I doubted my masters and Hinduism, but even at that time I never thought I will leave sannyas! Of course, when I realized the ultimate, I understood everyone has to pass through that phase.  So, my connection with sannyas is more than my connection with Vedic tradition.  See, I was planning to get converted to Buddhism. That is the closest I can find to Hinduism. Even then I was only planning to be a Buddhist Lama, not married, Buddhist sannyasi.

I tell you, even a failed sannyasi is thousand times progressed than a successful householder, because in the householder, the responsibility you take is a totally different direction. It is about enriching one family. The very scale you set for yourself is so low.  It is like a mom-shop pop-shop guy.  His whole goal is only yearly turnover of ten-thousand-five-hundred-and-fifty rupees. A sannyasi, every day his turnover is two- and-a-half crores.  So, even if he fails, he will be at least two crores!  Even if the mom-shop pop-shop guy is successful, he may be twelve-thousand rupees.  Understand, the very level in which you put your scale itself is different in sannyas.  But only thing, you have to be a responsible sannyasi.  Of course, only with responsibility sannyas comes.  Sannyasi is not an outfit, he is an overfit.  If mainstream Hindus take up sannyas again as a lifestyle, at least after sixty-five, after sixty, at least after retirement – of course if you ask me, I will say you should start sannyas life at the age of six, or if not, little early – but at least after retirement, after sixty, become sannyasi.  I tell you, so much can be done to you and to the world!

I commit,  I will make mainstream  Hindus  accept  sannyas  as a lifestyle  by making  some of the top celebrities in India in the political, cine field, social field, making them take sannyas when they retire from life.  Some of the top celebrities in India, I will see to it they take sannyas when they turn fifty-eight, and they set a trend!  Any model citizen, the mainstream Hindu should take sannyas by the time you retire.  I will make this as a lifestyle and I wanted it to be a lifestyle.

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