Swamiji has said that initiation has the power to make the body grow in size. Like this there are many physical symptoms of spiritual evolution. As the pure consciousness is allowed to express through you more and more your body undergoes metamorphosis. That is why even now Swamiji has not stopped growing an updating himself. He has never stopped rejuvenating. 

One important thing: everybody behaves very intelligently till their coconut is grilled. That is most unfortunate thing. See when you do the weight lifting how the nerves are green, like that when . Whenever you are able to see the nerves in the red, just understand the drilling is going on. Drilling is going on. That’s what has happened in me. It will not be seen in green or other color. It will be very deep red~ heavy, heavy heavy pain; heavy heavy pain. Physically these are the symptoms to find out whether drilling is going on. Choosing to choose, deciding to decide, it’s almost like a when you are standing in the waves the sand under your feet will be washed away taken away. If you decide to push you can stand. If you just slip one step what will happen? You will just go with the wave.

This thing which I am talking we can even scientifically prove because the parietal lobe gets thicker and thicker for example for normal man it will be only 10 unit thicker. I am giving you the example. I am revealing all this things so that future people can do research. Normal man: 10 unit only. The first spiritual experience level will be something like a 20 unit. See from 10 to 19 unit, growth will not be a problem at all. You will not even know. But the 19 to 20 jump time, there will be a strong thickening process. That breakthrough time- That’s what I call this drilling, that shell getting drilled. And after that 20 happens till 29 you will not have a problem. That 29 to 30 that breakthrough there will be another one problem. There will be another one strong move. There will be a time I can say 100 unit if it gets thickened, after that, that thickening will happen like 1000, 2000 there will not be any pain. That part, the 100th part, where there will not be any more pain during further thickening is enlightenment.

Understand there will not be any more pain during further thickening, that part, that spot is enlightenment. And don’t think after enlightenment thickening stops. No. Thickening goes on on and on. That is why the so many new things are getting revealed. But the unit when the further no more suffering during the thickening process that spot breakthrough is called enlightenment. That’s what I call as enlightenment. That is what has happened in me at the age of twelve. But it does not mean the thickening has stopped. It went on and on and on. There was no suffering. You see when I described to you guys the 1999 experience I described as suffering. It is not suffering as you understand. But I need to tell you for your understanding that’s all. It was different.

When your shell gets drilled these words will not be useful. Only love will be useful. Only love and care will be useful. These words will not be useful. This will not be useful. If your shell is getting drilled now, these words will not make sense for you. Maybe if you feel I have love for you, that is why I am uttering these words that idea may be useful for you. If you don’t have that idea then these words are no use for you. If you are not getting drilled, if your shell is not getting drilled now, then take these words and keep it. It will be useful for you.

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