The Guru of the Universe


When Maha Avatar Babaji gave darshan to Swamiji in the magestic corners of Haridwar, he bestowed the name “Nithyananda” on him. The name was perfect for the Avatar of this age, when so many different cultures and traditions have branched out from the original seed that Sadashiva once lived in and still resides in.

Ramana Maharshi says in one place,”I don’t know when the word ‘Arunachala’ started overflowing in me.” he says, “From the time I know me, without anybody telling about me, I just know Arunachala is my place, abode!  Before, I didn’t even know whether Arunachala is a hill or town or place.  I just know Arunachala is my abode!”  He says, “Arunachala Spurana, when it started, happened, I just don’t know!”

Same way, this Nithyananda Spurana, when it even started happening, I don’t know!  That is the truth!

When I was referring the scriptures last few days, I saw this “Nithyananda” name is invariably used in all sampradayas.  Shaivites call Shiva as “Nithyananda” in Rudram.  Vaishnavites call Venkateshwara as Nithyananda in their stotras.  Devi is addressed as “Nithyanandakari” by Adi Shankara in Annapurna Stotram!  It is like a universal name, universal concept.

Please understand, ’till you experience that universal Nithyanandoham, go on doing completion, go on doing completion!  

The universality of the name Nithyananda itself dictates Swamiji’s vision. He is not just for shaivites nor just for vaishnavites. He is the jagatguru- the universal guru.  

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