Withering Away

embylom photo_whiteAt the age of 12, I was given this enlightenment experience and the power of Kundalini by my teachers, acharyas.  Even for small, small things, I will play with this power.  If my classmates are fighting for a candy, I will say, ‘Don’t worry!’ and I will just materialize a candy and give them.  If some of my classmates and friends come and tell me, ‘Swamiji…’ – even in those days I used to be called as “Swamiji” – ‘Swamiji, today I have not done my homework.  Please save me from the Maths teacher!’, I will say, ‘Alright!  He will have diarrhea!  He will not come to school!’  And he will not come!  He will have diarrhea!

 Of course, later on, a great siddha purusha, incarnation, he made me realize that you should not be using the Kundalini Shakthi, ashta maha siddhis so casually even for small, small things.  Then, from 17, I stopped using, used only very rarely, only when really it is required.  From 22, I surrendered everything completely to the Cosmos, and whatever the Divine wants, that plays, that uses, that expresses!  Now if the Divine wants, it expresses and shows even Vishwaroopa, or it just lives ordinary inside the boundaries of simple rules and regulations; as per the Divine wish and will it is happening.  By 22, the withering away of the will has happened.  So after that, no decision is mine.  

Only thing human-beings need to learn in their life to achieve anything they want, whether they want to become President of the United States or anything they want to achieve -Bill Gates or Buddha- whatever they want in their life, only thing human-beings need to learn is learning to awaken their kundalini.


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