The Gift of Tamil

Kamalatmananda on the right, receiving the books
Kamalatmananda on the right, receiving the books

I tell you please understand all of you if you look back you will have some best moments of your life and worst moments of your life. The best moments of your life only make you feel you as you. Whatever be your action in the best moments you will be established in renunciation. This is the secret of life I tell you. See in Ramakrishna mission, when I joined I was the Bramhachari who used to speak in Tamil fluently. I had the great fortune of sitting at the feet of Swami Kamalatmananda. He is now the head of the Madurai Ramakrishna mutt. He is a great sadhu. I wanted to meet him and have his Darshan. See, nobody will stop me from entering the place but he may have trouble. I studied Tamil at his feet. My whole knowledge of Tamil I put it at his feet. It was his gift. He was the editor of Sri Ramakrishna magazine. Person with so much of love and patience and responsibility of training the next generation. Every time when he is invited to large gatherings and meetings, he will prepare the discourse and make me memorize, talk, talk and repeat to him. After going to the function he will say you repeat and I will sit below. 

I tell you it is his gift whether my writing Tamil or speaking Tamil it is gift from him. All this is at least training ok. But after many years when I became enlightened and started the mission, first time I came to Madurai for Satsang where 10,000 15,000 people have come for my Darshan. He is head of Madurai Ramakrishna mutt. I did not invite him because of all these protocol problems. He came silently and sat in the audience like a visitor. When I started the satsang I saw him and I was shocked and I called him and made him sit in my throne and sat in another small chair.

Then I said, “Swamiji why did you do this? Even if you would have told I would have arranged a proper welcome”

Pic29He said it is a ten year habit. I make you talk on the stage and I sit down and watch! I came just to see how you are repeating whatever I taught to you  So he was my mentor. And all the public functions wherever the Tamil program has to happen I only will be sent. And I used to receive huge gifts. Oh. one more rule in Ramakrishna mission anything you receive from devotees is yours. It is your personal property. It does not belong to sangha. Sometimes devotees give money or gifts or jewelry, even property. When devotees come and handover in ashram office and take receipt it belong s to sangha. Anything given to you personally is yours. So I am the richest Brahmachari because I go around attending all the Tamil programs. But I tell you this Swami taught me how to practice. He is a great Shiva bhakti and really lives like a Shiva gana. Sometimes he will go to some function people will give momentos, gold, silver, watches, pen. He will give everything next day morning in a bag put it on a table.  Morning people will come and l will come and do namaskar, even public. He will put everything on table and not even look at them and say “take whatever you want” The fellows who are street walkers will go with 2 lakh worth of things. One day I asked him “why don’t you give with your own hand.?”

He will say “no”. He will not even give with his hand. End of day he will be back to his small pillow, one mat not even mattress, his old water jug. That’s all. I can be 100% sure even now he lives like that only. One water jug, one pillow and the mat. Hats off to the renunciation and the grace he taught me. 

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