Every Kind of Question

 A kind smile and scruffy, teddy bear looking beard adorns Rohit Mistry’s face nowadays matching the one of his guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

Rohit was the first one who approached me with his own addition to the autobiography.

“I’d love to hear it” I told him and then we sat down in the cool shade of ananda puri courtyard while the sun shone down on the earth around us.

“Actually a few months back during Kumbh Mela, Bhavya and I were wondering why Swamiji forgets names a lot. One time he mixed my name and Neel’s. The other day he said Ma Baladhara and Sri Nirbheda, instead of Sri Baladhara and Ma Nirbedha. We thought that it might be because Swamiji sees us as our past life so he is trying to figure our names of this life”

He continued to tell me, “I asked Swamiji this in the car the other day. He told me, ‘No actually when I see you I see your past, present, future. Everything! It takes me a little time to recognise which form of you is relating with me at that moment'”

“Then Swamiji said, ‘Oh so this is what you all talk about behind my back? You guys are getting your answers straight from the horses mouth'”

“Even I had this kind of relationship with my guru, Rohit” Swamiji continued to explain. “The nine months that I lived around him”

“You asked questions like this?” Rohit asked, his curiosity piqued.

“Oh, I was much worse!” He said with a wide smile. “You don’t know the kind of silly questions I asked!”

Rohit couldn’t help but ask, “What is worse Swamiji?”

With a radiating smile he began, “You don’t know how naughty I was with him. One day, we were sitting outside of his cave as we usually sit. One lady in a green sari was walking by. We both looked at her. I told him then, ‘Change her sari’. Arunagiri Yogeshwara just laid his eyes on her and suddenly her sari was red”

The entire car erupted in laughter and unbelievable reactions. Swamiji’s own laughter rung like temple bells in the air.

“The lady was so shocked! She couldn’t handle herself so she just ran away!” Swamiji said through fits of laughter. “Can you imagine? Just changing the whole color of the sari like that…”

Rohit told Swamiji then, “Swamiji, you’re giving me ideas”

“No, no, no. Relax, relax” Swamiji responded quickly.

Rohit and I laughed together in the present, his eyes playing out the scene for me see. His connection with Swamiji was my gateway into Swamiji’s own connection to Arunagiri Yogeshwara. Like this, it was as if just hearing these words fixes the chain link between me and Sadashiva himself. I understood, immediately, that this was the purpose of sharing other people’s stories of their connection to Swamiji. Entanglement with the guru is such that when you share the open ends of your connection with him to someone else, they will also become one with the most ultimate metaphysical net that there ever was.

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