The Bamboo Danda


Bhava Samadhi - The Highest WealthFinally, please understand this vignanamaya kosha miracles, bamboo is always used for vignanamaya kosha miracles. First you have to penetrate and get into a bamboo. That is why the bamboo is used lot in vedanta. See when you wanted to create the divya sharira, that disciples, first you have to work with bamboo. Bamboo is the plant which is ready for this divya sareera xperiment. That is why Shankara first experiments with bamboo, bamboo stick, danda, then he enters into Kashi Raja’s body. Please understand, from that time only giving bamboo danda, bamboo stick as a danda became a habit.

You see, first time, when he entered into Kashi Raja’s body, all the disciples were crying, “what we will do without you?” Then he enters into bamboo stick and gives one stick to all his disciples and tells them to protect this body and enters into Kashi Raja’s body and experiences the world and everything. Then he comes back. Then that after he came back also the disciples felt that the stick is a sacred and it represents master; so they started carrying. This is the way the bamboo danda being carried started in the vedantic tradition.

So always the danda given to the disciple will be height of the master because it represents master. There’s a measurement. They will take the master’s height and the master’s ajna height.  The danda represents master. Bamboo is the tree you can use to create divya sareera. Actually when I first had the healing initiation, first thing I did is I came and practiced, tried it on our bamboo. Whether I am able to do that. My life energy entering into that because it was dead bamboo. The whole thing became alive. Then I know, wow now the divya sharira process is happening, the vignanamaya kosha process is happening. So the first medium of me is this bamboo grove. This bamboo grove is my first medium. And that is why from this bamboo grove we take bamboos and give for healing initiation also. So vignanamaya kosha miracles happen by the, with the bamboo. Bamboo is the plant for vignanamaya kosha miracles.


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