Upanishad: Sitting with the Master

kuppammal1One of my inspirations is Vibhudananda Devi.  A very polite, humble, pious person with amazing power! Anything, she decides to do, she does not even have to think twice, second time. Once she said that she will teach me some Upanishads and told me to go and get the Upanishad book from the market. I went and searched everywhere, all over. I was not able to get.

I came back with a very sad feeling and told her, ‘Ma Upanishad book is not there. I don’t know what to do.’

She said “Don’t bother. What’s the meaning of ‘Upanishada’?” she asked.

I said that “Upanishad means sitting with the master.”

She said “just sit”

I sat. Funny thing is after I sat she just put her hand on my hand and I saw the Upanishad book there. Very powerful, casually materialised. Understand, if you have this power the piousness will disappear usually. In her, I have seen the piousness, simplicity and the power expressing. That is the beauty. See: if she constantly has, carries the ego that she has power she wouldn’t even send me to buy the book. She will say  “Arey sit. I’ll materialize and start the class.”

No! She would have done that. She didn’t do that. It means she doesn’t carry that in her ego. She doesn’t use that for ego fulfillments. Only when it is really needed then she expresses that kind of powers.  A great pious person! In her life, again, she experienced this technique.

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