The First Interaction with Wealth

2016-8aug-28th-nithyananda-diary_IMG_8529_bengaluru-aadheenam-lsp-session4-swamijiCharity and reverence for poverty both are just to keep poor people suppressed. It can be good political a strategy but that is not a spiritual truth. You need to acid wash yourself about your belief and cognition. I am not saying poor people are wrong. As long as you cherish the idea the wealth people are bad arrogant, wrong, you will only be living in poverty. Ultimately wealth is neither good nor bad, it is resource available for you to do what you want.

All the 4 put together is wealth. Money, currency, assets, being active.

Listen. Wealth is neither bad nor good. It’s a utility. If you want, manifest. If you don’t want to have, leave it.

The first we need to do – looking back, the gap between our desire and your cognitions. How you started perceiving wealth, money how you started perceiving.

First time how I was introduced to money and interacted with money.

ThathaSwamiji was three or four years old during his first interaction with money. It was his birthday. As a gift, his grandfather wanted to give him some money so that he can buy whatever he wants. With his hand stretched out in front of the young boy, he offered the money. 

Swamiji looked up from the giant hand in front of him. 

“What is this?” he asked his grandfather. 

“Money. Buy whatever you want” his grandfather replied. 

Without a second thought he shrugged his shoulders and said, “No, no, I don’t want. Give it to someone else” 

That’s my first relationship with money. Still I don’t touch money. Don’t handle. Never felt the need.


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