Healing Hands 

28The army truck rumbled ferociously as it climbed the mountains surrounding Tapovan. Inside sat six soldiers dressed in uniform and one young sadhu clad in only an orange cloth. Rudraksh around his neck and down his torso. White ash -sacred vibhuti- caked on his forehead, his chest and on his arms.
Swamiji enriched the army soldiers as he went up the mountainous range, interrupted by the tires of the truck often jolting them up out of their seats. Their teeth chattered and heads jingled.
They went along like this, the soldiers protected by their helmet and uniform from any serious injury but Swamiji made vulnerable. Suddenly, the truck’s tires lifted up in the air over enormous rocks. Swamiji’s lean body was thrust a foot above the wooden seat. He plummeted down and landed stiffly. Pain shot through his spine, surging sparks of dark fire. Immediately Swamiji placed an open palm on the source of the pain on his body, the small of his back. As quickly as the pain came over him, it disappeared right then.u

When they reached the military camp at the top of Tapovan, the army general insisted that they take a scan and do the proper medical procedure for Swamiji even though he was experiencing no pain. They forced him into the machine. Finally when he obliged, they were shocked to see the scars of a fracture there even though Swamiji experienced no pain at all.

This was the time that Swamiji discovered his ability to heal himself. It was after this he began to heal others the way that he did himself. His healing hands became world renowned, just second to his smile.

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