A Dream of the Divine

The news arrived while Swamiji was in the middle of his healing session. One hand on the man’s sahasrara chakra and the other on his lower back, Swamiji closed his eyes as if he was being transported to a different realm in that time. The devotee waited for Swamiji to finish. A paper was in his hands of the information he received. He felt a surge of excitement rushing through him. 
At last, Swamiji slid his hands off of the man’s body. 
  “It will be healed” he told him in Tamil. 
He glanced at the devotee waiting for his attention and nodded, pausing the line.
“We found the land Swamiji!” He told him. 
Swamiji smiled wide and nodded once more to the side this time. 
“Blessings! Let’s begin the work” 
About a year ago, Swamiji revealed to his disciples a vision that he had of the ashram he was going to reside in. He told them about a sacred 300 year old tree that was the abode of Muneeshwara, the lord of sages. He roamed the vast expanse of the tree and the surrounding forest as a guard of the banyan tree. Locks of hair down to his waist, thick anklets wrapped around his angles. 4 rows of gold bells go “chink chink chink” as he walks. He told his disciples how to find that place and instructed them to go and locate it and get the details of the land property.
Finally, a year later, they turned up with the papers for the land as conveyed one more miracle. The land owner was not even close to looking to sell. But he found Swamiji specifically to asking him to take the land. He said that he had a dream where Sadashiva himself told him to donate the land to a guru named Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Once again, a devotee was added to list of those who had dream darshan of our beloved guru. The land itself manifested and manipulated reality so that it was once again in the hands of Sadashiva himself.’

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