Lemon and Needle

Still I remember every year in my native place the  next day after Maha Shivaratri in my native place, there used to be a ceremony for the Devi. They call it ‘Angalamman‘, an Incarnation of Devi Annoorani. People will pray to her and perform certain kinds of a penance, like poking the needles in their cheek,  or in their back.

I used to wonder how they don’t have any pain. I asked Yogananda Puri. He taught me the whole science very beautifully, the whole science. He was explaining which points of your body will have sensitive pain experiences and the points of your body that do not have pains.

You never remember your back the whole day. You always remember your face. So the back becomes insensitive to all your pains. I realized the majority of all the poking is done in the back only. They would tie the lemon fruit in the back. Another one important knack he taught me: when the high sound is created rhythmically by beating any animal skin, your skin experiences the same vibration and  becomes insensitive to pain.

I was shocked. He revealed a secret, the animal skin and your skin vibrates in same frequency.

When that skin is beaten strongly, your skin feels that blow, feels that vibration and it becomes insensitive to pain. So, a kind of a chemical reaction happens below the skin and you don’t feel the pain. They make holes in the skin and hang the lemon

And one more important thing: when you are doing this kind of penance for some purpose, your whole system gets centered to that purpose. Not only you don’t experience pain and suffering, you achieve that the purpose for which you are doing the penance, because your kundalini gets awakened for the self-protection, to protect yourself from the pain. But because your mind is centered on that one subject, the whole kundalini rushes towards that subject- that purpose.

If somebody does this ritual for health, they will have health. If they do it for enlightenment, I can promise that,  your kundalini will be reaching towards enlightenment. It is a highly sensitive, scientific, intelligent form of tapas.

My ancestors – they are intelligent. Every year, even now, I can say at least twenty-five thousand people in Tiruvannamalai alone go through this ceremony. Every Shivarathri they will do this ritual the next day after every Shivaratri. But they all go through it for health, for wealth, for different reasons;  – but they get it.

Once I went through, not 108 lemon, but 21 vail.

Yogananda Puri did it for me.  I think just twenty-five on my kurma nadi and all other different nadis (energy pathways), . He did it to awaken certain nadis to make me free from normal pain and to teach unclutching to me. It’s possible,. It helps. But only thing, you should do that poking with samyama, so that you can unclutch from your nervous system, and experience the outer body experience, connect again and operate with your body.

I myself have seen with my eyes, rishis and siddhas through this samyama.

This Yogananda Puri will would make me lie down. My hip has to be on a rock and my head and leg will would be facing down and leg also will be down. I don’t did not know the purpose.  He will would always have a rock below my back, below my spine, especially the area where of the muladhara and, swadhishtana. On the  – backside, he will would put a the rock and I will would have to lie down.

He used to put at least a two feet high rock. Maybe that was the rock, which was near where he used to take me to do this samyama.

 He will tell me,  to “Lie down. Head should be down and you should be able to gaze at the sky. That’s the way it should be.”

 have seen suddenly saw the very frequency of the body will change.

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