The Science of Descent

All of us our avatars. From which bodies we pick up our prarabhda decides whether you will play the role as Avatar or you will be bound soul. Fish for example- when fish sees tortoise, it thinks “oh god, this fellow has a better body. It can go into ground” then immediately it gets recorded into the fish. Fish dies. It has all the cards in front of it. It sees all the samskaras that it picked up. It will see crocodile, tortoise, human body. It will naturally try to pick up the best card which it can do. Please understand when a takes jump it can take only the jump of tortoise or crocodile. Even if takes the jump of crocodile, it will be a dumb crocodile because  of its immature soul. That fellow has taken a big jump which he really can’t handle.

In the human body, after few times -when you live the whole thing consciously knowing why you are living what you are living; why you are doing what you are doing- that conscious life, conscious clarity, will give you the choice to pick up your prarabhda. if you are not conscious you will not have choice to pick up your prarabhda from many lives. If your past life is buffalo you have the choice of only buffalo samsara. If you are consciously lived, all the 50-60 lives which you lived all that you can pick up. You can pick up the best things of all that. When you pick up best samsakaras, and create your body, land in the body, you are Avatar. You are Avatara Purusha.

The qualities which you pick up, their memory also will land in you. All qualities are related to memory. Guna is connected to mana. All qualities are related to memory. What is quality? If you have the quality of giving giving giving, it is the quality of dharma. It will always be related to few incidents. So when you pick up the quality, you will remember few memories also. Whatever qualities I picked up, the incidents related that only I’ll be able to know.

The Avatara means clearly remembering, consciously picking up all the best qualities of your past incarnations, assuming the body and radiating the qualities. All of you are also avatars but you picked up the memory from the wrong sources. You thought eating like buffalo is the best life and sleeping is the best thing so you picked up all that. Actually when you sleep and when you eat, you can see the qualities of many animals . When you are eating, in sex, sleeping or when you are angry you will see many qualities of the animals. The only thing you did not pick up consciously and after picking up you did not take birth consciously. It’s like a low frequency decision.

Many time you decide without knowing the side effect and after effect without having the courage to go through the side effect and after effect. That is where the problem is. Deciding knowing the side effect and after effect and having the courage to go through the side effects and afters effect which you may not know until you know. They don’t think what will be the side effects and after effects of this decision on my life. They just jump into the fantasy. You should have two thing:

  1. your intellect should be stretched to its limit -extreme- of what all can happen
  2. having courage, even if something happens beyond this intellect’s reach, I’m ready to go through

Then you are incarnation.


If you want to become incarnation, think through to the extreme of all the decisions you make. Whatever you can imagine, stretch on the side effect and after effect. Second thing, when you stretch you will understand you can’t stretch more than a limit. Keep the cognition, “I’m ready to go through which I can’t stretch”. If you have these two, you are an avatar.

The moment you get into the road accident cannot give you any suffering because you took the possibility. Road is the place where accident can happen. Knowing that you got into the road because you want to go to someplace which is more important and desirous than this risk.

Stretch this extreme wherever the sufferings are expected. When sufferings, joy or anything is prophesied, stretch to the peak and be very clear you are responsible for that. If something unexpected happens, you cannot blame anyone. After getting onto the road, if suddenly death comes, you cannot blame death.

The peak icing on the cake is thinking Now, I know I can’t stretch more than my limit. So I’m ready to go through which I can’t stretch. All the extremes can happen because of your decision, even good or bad. The example of a gold medalist. The moment you enter the college, the possibility of being a gold medalist is there. Don’t be elated. The moment you enter the body, the possibility of disease is there. Don’t be depressed.

Every day, you go back to causal body when you sleep. Causal body is the place where all the engraved memories are available. It’s like in the garage all the material needed for golf is there; everything needed for cricket is there, volleyball. Everything is there. When you go out of your garage, what you want to play you will pick up that set and go out. When you come out of the causal body, what game you want to play, you bring that memory out.
This is the way Avatars land.

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