The Subjective Truth

One of the most horrifying quotes there is Stephen Knapp’s book called Crimes Against India, goes like this:

“For getting grains for one year, sowing of corn is necessary; for getting fruits, trees are to be planted. Likewise, to get perennial or permanent service, human beings are to be sown. For erasing illiteracy, primary schools are to be opened. To get officials with less expenditure, secondary education is essential because importing Englishmen for that purpose is impossible. Colleges with English education is unavoidable to make the Indian educated class detest everything Indian, to make them look at it as nothing more than mean and illogical superstitions. “

These words give the deepest most meaningful understanding of what happened to Hinduism in the hands of the British rule in India. We did not even realize that the invasive education system was put there strategically to erase our own culture from our identity.  In the book, Knapp goes on to describe how Lord Macauley planned to insert the English language into the vedic schooling system in order to distance the youth form their own heritage. We ourselves have started accepting when Hinduism is called a mythology.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda speaks to this exact subject in the discourse, “Puranas Are Not Myth” delivered in 2014. He not only addresses the problem but goes into the truth behind our Puranas, taking it one step further than Knapp. He says that the puranas our not myth, they are subjective truth. This he goes on to explain:

“All the reality you experience in your life starts in you as subjective truth. If you are experiencing richness, this has started in you as subjective truth at some time. If you are experiencing poverty in you as a reality now, it has started as a subjective truth at some time. Maybe the poverty would have started as an incompletion. There is a difference between incompletion and subjective truth. Incompletion: by more and more remembrance, it weakens you and becomes reality. Subjective truth: by more and more remembrance, it awakens you and becomes reality. Anything that weakens you and makes itself into reality is incompletion. Anything that awakens you and makes itself into reality is subjective truth. By remembrance which binds you is incompletion. By remembrance which liberates you is subjective truth. Arunachala is subjective truth! Because smaranan-mukhti. Just by remembering anything that grows in you and strengthens itself and strengthens you becomes reality. All our puranas are all subjective truth.

When puranas say, “Krishna just picked up the whole govardhana hill with his little finger” it is a truth for the people who want to live that. Stupid insensitive minds can never understand that.

When i say, “Arunagiri Yogeshwara appeared and gave me kavi and initiated me” it is a subjective truth. It is truth for the people who want to live it. When I say, ‘I gave the food and Ganesha ate” it is subjective truth. It is truth for the people who want to live it. Just because blind man can’t see, don’t say world does not exist.

Just because stupids can’t see, don’t say subjective truth does not exist.

Puranas are not myths. Actually the so called western history is myth. The fellow who won the game- he wrote the history. Whoever wins the war, he wrote the history. It is myth! If Hitler would’ve won the second world war, the history would have been different. Because Hitler lost, the history is different. More hIndus were killed in Pakistan in Kashmir when Pakistan was separated than the number of Jews killed by the Hitler but no one talks about it! The so called history you are reading is myth.

All Puranas are subjective truth.

Otherwise how do you think the brains which conceived the movements of the grahas and even now the world’s best  time calculation and astronomical calculation is our astrological sutras. Still our jyothika sutras- or panchanga mehtod=- is the most accurate way of calculating lunar eclipse or solar eclipse any happen in the universe— how can the brains which can conceive those things and are able to comprehend all those things will believe in something which is a delusion or a myth. The brain which conceived the tanjor Brighadheshwar’s architecture! We’re not able to decode the whole temple! The brain which can conceive that, will it believe in any myth or delusion? Fellows go on abusing saying Hindu puranas are myths. The brain which can conceive the concept of zero. The brain which has gone to the heights of theology.

No poetry can be so sublime than Upanishads Just by reading upanishad i can go hunger free, sleep free for any number of days, enjoying tasting, celebrating the sublime poetry expressed. Sublime poet will never be caught in delusion. Maybe a grass, lusty poet can get into delusion.

isavasyam idam sarvam

yat kinca jagatyam jagat

tena tyaktena bhunjitha

ma grdhah kasya svid dhanam  

Everything exists is energy. Stop identifying as I and my as something separate. Renounce this I and my and be liberated and celebrate and enjoy everything exists!

Just remembering this verse without food and water and sleep,I can spend days together. The sublime truth. THese brains can ever be caught in myth. Nobody understood the structure of the society.

The brains which have perceived like isavasya upanishad, kathopanishad can be deluded by myth. I can give the assurance.

What an intellectual brilliance in mathematics and astronomy. When he wrote Aryabhatta was only 23 when he declared to the world the earth is round. It rotates on its axis and orbit the sun at least a few thousand years before copernicus published his heliocentric theory. These brains cannot get deluded by some mythological, mythical fairytale stories. All Puranas by Bhagavan Vyasa are subjective truth.

When our masters declare, “Tattvamasi” – you are the truth- , it is subjective truth!

One of the biggest attack done on vedic tradition is saying that all our puranas are myths. Even we started having self-doubt. As the dharma- all hindus are feeling self-doubt, self-hatred and self-denial. That is how these modern day hindus create their own version gods and goddesses. Their own brand because they odn’t want to accept the traditionally worshipped gods and goddesses of Agama are true. They want to create their own version. They don’t want to say Mahadeva worshipped agamically . They don’t want to say the goddess Kali worshipped by Agamas is real. They want to create their own version. because of deep self-doubt, self-hatred and self-denial, the whole hindu society is suffering.

Hindu Puranas are subjective truth.

Ramayana and Mahabharata are the stories more real than the reality you see around you. If you think this hall is real, this throne is real, people who are sitting next to are all real and I am real; Mahabharata and Ramayana and 18 puranas by Bhagavan Vyasa are far more real.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda says, “Whatever you perceive as your existential reality right now was once your subjective truth”

However we perceive life is treating us right now was once a subjective truth that we once held in our hearts and cherished.  When we forget that we held it as subjective truth at one point, we are overcome by maya. Forgetting why we decided is maya.

The Puranas are truth because of the ultimate Sadashivoham experience that they make in us when we read them- not for anything else. That is why we should believe in them, celebrate them. That is why we should protect them for the generations to come.  


கற்றுணை பூட்டியூர் கடலிற் பாய்ச்சினும்

நற்றுணை ஆவது நமசிவாயமே

“Katrunai pootiyoor kadalir paaichchinum

Natrunai aavadhu Namashivayamey”

Thirunaavukkarasar sings:

“Even if we are tied with a stone and thrown into the ocean, the Namah Shivaya mantra will protect us, make the stone into boat and save us!”

Paramahamsa Nithyananda relates the beautiful verse and subject truth by saying, “The subjective truths are not myths!  Strength of the subjective truths changes your life and protects you.  They are not myth.  They are not false.”


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