First Event Ever Hosted

037About the Image: The featured image is an image from the Ganesh Chathurthi that he and his friends, including Sampath had arranged. Bhagavan is on the left of the diety and Sampath is standing right next to him on the left. The Ganesha alankharam was done by them as well but that story is for a later time.  

The first public function I organized is for Ganesh Chathurthi. I think at the age of eight or nine, I gathered all my classmates, chamchas, and disciples, went around and collected donations, called the VIP guests, made all the arrangements, in the Arunachaleshwara Temple.

Understand, any experience you have, if you want to find out whether it is true experience or not, if you are having the inspiration, power to enrich others, it is a true experience. Or it is your fantasy, false imagination. Real experience will empower you. How to find out whether my Kundalini is awakened or not? You will take the responsibility and enrich yourself and the world, equivalent to a Peetadheeshwar. Few hundreds will be enriched by you. If that happens, then your Kundalini is awakened. Otherwise it is not!

I have seen one of my friend, he was so interested in politics, even at the age of eight, wherever the political meeting happens, he will go and stand, and listen, once the speaker goes, the crowd goes, he will get into the stage, because it’ll take 2 days to dismantle the stage. He will stand on the stage and give the same speech. He will speak. He will scream and he will exactly act, “Soda! Soda!’”

Usually the politicians when they speak they ask for soda. And we had agreement, we both had agreement. He will help me in the pooja I will assist him giving the soda!

I used to be his assistant when he gives his political discourses. When I do my pooja, he will be my assistant, getting my flowers and making the sandal paste and all that. So, whatever is in you, is awakened by the external informations.


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