Advent of the Avatar:

The advent of the Avatar is the greatest happening in the Universe. Every single being, every single individual consciousness which is in the body while He is in the body is blessed because each have the possibility of meeting Him. Every single being which is even only able to get glimpse of Him is even more blessed because upon death, just that glimpse of might be possible to push them passed all their current suffering to choose the life of seeking in the next birth. In the next birth, you will remember the goal which Bhagavan represents and gear yourself for that goal. Above all, if you are able to interact with The Avatar, live with him and imbibe him, you are truly the most blessed being all of the life on Planet Earth because it is possible you will realize the ultimate and become enlightened in this very life. In this three fold, the possibility of enlightenment draws nearer and more powerful. That is why throughout the however many years The Avatar stays within the body, every moment of his life is a benefit to humanity. Every single life that crosses the life of the Avatar is benefitted.

Bhagavan reveals, “Even in my autobiography, when I say I became enlightened, it is only for you to understand. Otherwise I am very clear, I was like this from birth. The moment I entered the body, I can see very clearly – how I entered the body, and how I started moving the body, the whole thing is written on me. Like a screen can see anything written on the screen. See, if that screen is alive, it can see anything projected on it. This was my birth, and this is the time, now. The screen very clearly feels even while birth the whole thing is known to me.

See, at this point, I became screen. I realized I am a screen on which the whole thing is being projected. So for you to understand, I say I took birth, I became enlightened all that but now I very clearly feel when I took birth also if I had the body which can talk, I would have spoken this what I am speaking now very clearly the same way. Not evolved knowledge, avimukta vijnana.

When I took body 1978 Jan 1 night, if you would have come and I would have used that body to talk English, I would have spoken this same clarity, this same depth, this same truth.”

He is a blessing to all those who cross his ways even before what he calls his enlightenment experience. Even before the age of 12 during that experience, all the beings whom he interacted with were very clear that He was the Avatar and though he may be a child, he was a divine entity, a guru. They were only grateful to be in his presence as long as they could.

Throughout Bhagavan’s childhood in the pilgrimage town of Tiruvannamalai, he met innumerable enlightened masters. As a young child, to these intense souls who found themselves under the gaze of Arunachala Hill while its energy dwelled in a human form as well in the town, he was a enthusiastic and pious boy. He loved meeting these enlightened gurus. Though none of them were his gurus, who gave him enlightenment, Bhagavan says that each one did influence him very deeply. While in the outside perspective, the people of the town knew that young Rajashekaran was always around one sadhu or another, always at their feet listening to their discusses, having their darshan and  ready to receive their initiations, to these beings their whole life’s seeking and tapas was finally culminating in the peak of ecstasy and completion. They all recognized that they were just too lucky to be in the presence of such a being as The Avatar, though they might not have named his origin.

You will come to understand that many enlightened beings that came across Bhagavan Nithyananda underwent tremendous tapas throughout their own lifetimes. Without the help of The Avatar, they achieved the expression of yogic powers and went on expressing them in and around Thiruvannamalai. They went on parivrajaka all over India in search for enlightenment. Most of the time, it is their intense seeking led them to the spiritual incubator, Arunachala. It was in their time in Tiruvannamalai, The Avatar happened in their life much like he happened in the life of us devotees. The beautiful leela that Sadashiva decided to play with these special beings was the same guru-disciple, but they were the ones who played the guru. Like Sadashiva himself learned from his first disciples, his consort Devi and son Subhramanya, the Avatar was trained and taught by these blessed beings. Even in this bhaava, or relationship, it was still very clear who was the Avatar and who was still seeking enlightenment. In the end, for the beings that practiced hard and long for the ultimate experience, The Avatar happened in their life as the bringer of immense fulfillment and inspiration to continue in their path.

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