First Incident About Wealth

Even now I can remember 1st incident about wealth in my life. In Indian villages during the festivals the uncles and aunts give money to kids. Me and my brothers were given some coins by my uncles. I asked my father what should I do with this?

My father said, “You can buy whatever you want, you can buy.”

I said “I want a Ganesha. I have it, what should I do?”

My father said, “You can give it to anyone you like.”

I called my cousin and he grabbed all the coins from me. I thought okay what is there I can use if I want if not I can give away. This is the 1st memory and I still live with it. I have not created any relationships with wealth, any joy, suffering, with wealth. I know just wealth is living with me. Understand wealth is your very personality!

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  1. You are great..your such stories inspiring us. Keep posting.
    बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद

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