Ganesha Inaugurated My Spiritual Life

My spiritual life started with Ganesha. Ganesha eating the food I offered is the first spiritual experience that happened in my life. And I can say, my spiritual journey was successful and unfolded with all its glory, beauty and depth after that!. It was such an auspicious beginning… that is why my life is continuously extraordinary and auspicious incidents. I am trying to trace the day Ganesha ate food when I offered. We will declare that day as Annapurna day in our mission!

I can tell you that I have become successful in my life because I started in my life with Ganesha. My first spiritual effort in my life was trying to feed Ganesha!My first satsang (talk to a congregation of seekers) was on Ganesha and my first puja was done to Ganesha!.

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