The Habit of Anna Dhaan

I have the mental set up of giving food to all people. I learned this from my grandfather. He will go to temple every day, search for sadhus near the temple,  bring them home, make them sit, recite some purana or stotra like shiva puranam, then give them aarathi, give them some money, then feed them and after that only he will eat. He never taught me anything but was just the strong influence. Once I caught one guy who had come as a sadhu to our house, doing something else during some other time. I came and told my grandfather that he is not a sadhu and he is doing something else in other time. He said don’t bother, even in that ½ hr if he is wearing all the saivite symbols like kumkum and rudraksha, give him food. At least for the sake of food, he will remember God and will be tuned to our tradition. Then slowly, he may become that permanently. In India if you try to be a sadhu all the basic needs are fulfilled. That trend should be maintained in the society.

I learnt the mental set up. Now that I have money, thousands of sadhus are given free food in our Tiruvannamalai ashram. 

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