Living with Ganesha

Those days I used to have small Ganesha with me and I’ll do puja everyday to that Ganesha. I’ll pour water, put little food in front of Ganesha and wave the lights, wave the camphor.  It was really like a really I was living with Him.  I was not just doing some little puja or anything, living with Him.  I had such a strong feeling connection.  See if you are just doing puja for some other reason you will never enter into that place again second time.  I have seen many people doing puja.  Morning they will go into that puja room. They will roll with that deity and pour water or whatever needs to be done.  Once they come out they will never even come that side again, because it is such a heavy routine on them, they never do the mistake of entering into that same room again second time.  But with me it was like a living with Him.  Whole day I will be sitting, fanning Him, or doing whatever I can.  Anything given to me I will bring it and put it in front of Him.  I was a small boy living with  God. 

Sometime, I have seen many of our devotees come and tell me, Swamiji, morning whole day I was cooking, washing and doing all my work, but at the undercurrent, constantly your memory was there inside Swamiji.  It was so sweet, I was just filled with you I don’t know, I was not able to forget you.  This is what we call Sanskrit, leela dhyana, constantly being in the meditation of the Divine Leela.  When the leela dhyana gets matured, you enter into samprajnata Samadhi.  That’s what was happening with me in the Ganesha’s thing.  Whole day I will be playing with Ganesha as if I was living with Him.  I was literally living with Him.  Whole day whatever I do will be centered on that Ganesha.  Morning if I get up, I will make Him get up.  And before I take drink, I will give water to him.  After I brush the teeth, I’ll have a small stick to brush His teeth.  And after I take bath, I will give bath to him. Once I put on the clothes, I put clothes for him. Once I apply that holy ash, I will apply holy ash on him and sandal on him. I lived with him, leela dhyana was happening. Leela dhyana, meditating on or strongly feeling connected starts building up, the right reasoning, vitarka in your life.

Like this, Bhagavan cared for all of his dieties. They each had their own abhishekam times, their own vastram and abharam to decorate them with. Everything that Bhagavan did to himeslf, like brushing the teeth, washing himself, eating, he will bring along one deity and he will do for that deity after doing for himself. 

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