Timeless Revelation on The Avatar: an introduction

The universe has been planning for the happening of The Avatar since the beginning of time. Nadi readings are an astrological phenomenon where through many different means, either through a person or through palm leaf recordings, the past, the present and future is revealed to any individual at any time. They are extremely profound sources that expose the depth of Hinduism and the inner achievements of the giants of Hindu history.

The Nadi readings are originally written by the ancient Rishis, including the renowned sage and Sidda Agastya, about the entire history of life in the universe. They were recorded when the rishis had access to the akashic records and wrote down what they saw was happening in the grand scheme of the universe.

Nadi reading is an ancient palm leaf reading where the thumb impression of the person seeking his past, present or future is used to pick up a palm leaf, from an already available set of palm leaves, written by the ancient sages like Agastya. The chosen palm leaf is read out to the person. Jeeva nadi is a special palm leaf reading that does not require the thumb impression of the person seeking the reading, and the text appears spontaneously in response to a query.  
This particular nadi reading referring to The Avatar was spontaneously revealed (or revealed through divine intervention) to a disciple who had sought his own nadi reading. It must be mentioned here that this particular disciple was a resident of New Zealand and was a complete stranger to the nadi readers. The original nadi is in Tamil 



Click here to read The Jeeva Nadi of the Avatar

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