I Am Mahasadashiva

I Am


the Ever-Auspicious,

Eternal, Immutable, Beginningless, Endless.

I create these infinite Manifest

and Unmanifest Universes again and again,

through the power of My third eye.

I am the Hub of the great wheel

on which millions upon millions of galaxies spin.

As Advaita, Oneness,

I am the spindle and the fulcrum

of All that Exists.

As Adishakti, the Primal Power,

I am ananta koti brahmahanda yoni,

the womb and the Lord of numberless worlds.

As Ishwara, the Infinite Lord and Doer,

I create, sustain, destroy,

delude and liberate through My grace.

As the ten incarnations of Vishnu,

I grace this loka again and again,

to preserve and to destroy.


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