It is Time for a Solution


Mistreatment of Animals

In farms all over the world that are focused on producing for the mass, the treatment of the animals is horrific. In this picture, you see an overcrowded farm in the United States where the cows hardly have room to stand, let alone roam where they want.





Suicide of Youth

The twenty-first has witnessed the most number of youth suicides than any other century in the last two thousand years. The growing number of suicides is also at an alarming growth rate, showing the desperate state of humanity for a permanent situation.






War on All Fronts

With two World Wars and numerous brazen attacks from the level of one person to another to the level of countries against one another, the violence of humanity has peaked and shown no signs of relief.





The tremendous experience of pain that life in all forms is undergoing across all nations, religions, castes, classes and genders has increased drastically over the past two thousand years. Not only humans, but animals, plants and the very land that we walk on has been affected by the misguided decisions of people in power, and the silence of others. We have seen pain in the aggressive form of violence and vengeance, in the manipulative form as greed and exploitation, and in a disguised form as immense boredom and tiredness. In all dimensions of life, the reality of pain unites us all more than anything else. Though we may disagree about whom we pray to, what we eat or how we go about earning our livelihood, when it comes to the suffering we have seen, heard of and been through, there is no denying that it is a universal experience.

When we face the facts, we are a trembling force of life, foolishly overwhelmed by the grandeur of the universe, and at the same time wanting to conquer it. What we lack is a valid, working solution. Having acknowledged that, the question now is, ‘Where do we go from here?’

Most often, where we look for the solution is itself the source of the problem! We seek solutions in the institutions that we ourselves have created. The government, health institutions, and research and development universities have all shown that what they offer as a solution, if anything, is only a temporary bandage over what is a gaping wound. Solutions nowadays even create other problems, like pain medication that comes with its own set of possibly even fatal side effects. We have seen enough of these so-called solutions. It is time for the real, permanent and pervasive solution that fixes what we have created for ourselves, once and for all.

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