I am the Light in a Million Suns


I am the Light in a million suns,

I am the Sweetness in nectar,

I am the Salt in the ocean,

I am the Color in the sky.

I am the Bliss in the blissful

and the Misery in the miserable,

the Goodness in the good

and the Wickedness in the wicked;

I am the Wisdom in the wise,

and the Ignorance in the ignorant

is also I.

I am hidden in the essence

and possibility of All,

as the tree in the seed,

as the fire in the flintstone,

as the fragrance in the flower,

as the unheard silence in the music.

I am the Potter and the Pot,

the Hand that holds

and the Force that moulds,

the Wheel that spins

and the very Clay itself.


Glimpses of AVATARA LEELA – The Autobiography of The Avatar Vol. 1
Free download: books.nithyananda.org/pro…/glimpses-of-avatara-leela

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