No Observer is Apart from Me

As Arunagiri Yogishwara,

pradeepa sarvesham,

the Illuminator of all,

I walk sun-clad and free

In the sacred land of Arunachala.

As Meenakshi, who graces with a glance,

I conquer and reign, heal and bless.

As Nithyananda, the Eternally Blissful,

I manifest yet again

to remind what has been forgotten.

And as You,

I remember and rejoice.


My story can never be told –

for there exists no observer

who is apart from Me.

My story can never be understood –

for the very dhi, the intelligence

which illumines Me, is also I.

My abode is mano-vacham-agocharam –

a realm hidden from mind and words.

Yet a million voices chant My name

and sing My glory

in the songs of their own Existence.


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