Only I can Reveal Me to You


I am also hearing My story as I narrate it!

Our people have been hearing the life stories of incarnations from time immemorial. In our country, reading and hearing the life stories of incarnations is a very great spiritual practice.  But today, I Myself am going to stand away from Me and tell this story! Not only for all of you, even for Me it is so blissful because I am also going to hear! I am also going to sit and hear!

Why should you hear an Incarnation’s life story

We have been listening to the life stories of many incarnations. That is a great spiritual practice in our country. Ramayana is the life story of an incarnation Rama. Mahabharata is the life story of an incarnation Krishna.

We might think, “Why to hear? He was born, He lived, what are we going to do listening to that?”

Understand deeply: There are two types of stories in life.

First is: Once you come, live and you are done, writing that…what is called your history.

Second one is: writing a script, bringing it and executing it – screenplay! Incarnation’s life story is screenplay. They bring it and execute it.

Another important reason why we need to listen to the life story of The Avatar is…If you understand why the incarnation came…if you hear about the incarnation’s life, you will understand what is good for you.

The five jobs of Sadashiva

Sadashiva has five cosmic jobs: creation, sustenance, rejuvenation, putting into maya (illusion), and giving enlightenment. If you see Nataraja (the form of Sadashiva performing the great Cosmic Dance), you will understand this. In the right hand, there is the damaru (small two-headed drum) – sound. It is through sound that the world itself is created. So that represents creation. In the other hand, there is fire – destruction. The third hand is protection – sustenance. He will be stamping an asura (demon who symbolises human ego) beneath his feet. That signifies putting souls into maya. He has raised his other leg in dance. If you hold onto that leg, he will give you enlightenment!

He is doing all the five jobs and dancing! That is why they say, ‘aariyakoothadinaalum, kaariyathil kanna irukkaaru!’ Even if he is dancing, he is focused on the job!

Your cooperation is needed for your Enlightenment

Out of these five jobs, for creation, sustenance, destruction and putting into I, he doesn’t need your cooperation. Did they ask you, and only then you were born? No. Had they asked you, you would have decided which place to be born right? Your birth is not decided by you. Your involvement is not there in that. In the same way, protection does not have your involvement. Destruction does not have your involvement. Putting into Maya also does not have your involvement. But to give enlightenment, you also need to be involved. You also need to give your cooperation. So for that, the Cosmic energy takes the form of a Guru and expresses. For the first four jobs, there is no need to inspire you. But to give enlightenment, you need to be inspired. So the formless Existence takes the human form.


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