1979-1980 Leela of Devotion


What happens in the multiverse most often goes unnoticed by our meager human eyes. Planets collide into each other. A loophole from one dimension to the other suddenly opens. A gigantic star implodes and creates an enormous gravitational pull, sucking any matter that surrounds it into its depths. These cosmic happenings only show up on our radar as a microscopic blink – and what’s more, we only come to know about them thousands, or perhaps millions, of years after they take place. It is only by chance that we even realize that somewhere, something phenomenal has actually happened. Then, just for one chilling moment, we grasp the enormity of this grand universe.  

The happening of The Avatar on planet Earth is such an event – except that it is a million, trillion, times more impactful and meaningful for the universe. While a black hole emerging might be irrelevant in the grand scheme of many lives, the advent of The Avatar is directly relevant to every single form of life. Through the eleven dimensions, the Cosmos itself, the pure Consciousness, accepts a human body to interact with every form of life, and raise life itself to the next level.

Therefore, the moment of recognition of this grand event is proportionally more profound. The beings who understand the significance of The Avatar buzz with excitement. Bhudevi, Mother Earth herself, rejoices that the feet of her beloved Father, from whom she came, are gracing her surface.

All of life that understands the Happening relishes this momentous occasion, and vibrates with the single sentiment that The Avatar Himself reverberates with upon His arrival on planet Earth:



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