Puja Practice is the Key

As Bhagavan Paramahamsa Nithyananda says, “Puju is the ultimate Shaktipada process.” Shaktipada is an energy-filled space of Oneness that you experience with the cosmos through a physical form, either with the form of your Guru or a deity. Ultimately, your prayers and worship are not a bargaining method with the Divine. Even when you pray, you need to recognize and celebrate the fact that you are divine.

We are all divine. We are all the expression of the universal energy.

Whether or not you accept Hinduism as your faith, the truth is that divinity is your true nature. We manifest our reality out of the cognitions that we have about ourselves, the world around us, and life in general. Whether you manifest a lower reality or the ultimate reality of being Sadashiva: you are the Ultimate, because it is YOU who manifest and not because of what you manifest.

In the Agama, as revealed by Sadashiva Himself, practice is the key. As we saw before, The Avatar compares the Vedagamas to an electric circuit: you cannot understand the electric circuit just by the on-off switch. It is convenient when the on-off switch is working, but what happens when it is not? We must know the entire electric circuit. In the same way, we must practice everything prescribed by Sadashiva in the Agama, so that we can experience Oneness and Shaktipada with him. Puja and worship is that entire circuit. Following yogic practices, offering puja, listening to the great truths in Hindu scriptures and living them with integrity – all of these are daily disciplines that Sadashiva reveals as necessary for enlightenment.

This, in essence, is why we offer deity worship.

The devotion that is a result of this, is the perfect gift from the Divine. Devotion blossoms like a flower from within, and from the flower, nectar oozes. It is sweetness multifold. By chanting the words that invoke Sadashiva, and merging with the energy of Sadashiva ourselves, puja is offered to the Divine from this space of Oneness. It is the ultimate process that starts our whole day off in bliss.  


The right foundation

It is with this foundation in His very blood and ancestry that Paramahamsa Nithyananda began His life on planet Earth. Puja, deity worship and devotion to Sadashiva were the pillars on which Bhagavan built His whole life, setting an example for the entire civilization of Nithyananda Yogis that was to come after Him.

From the time He remembers His life on the planet, Bhagavan remembers being around the temple with deities and puja.

The young Avatar went to the temple every day, riding on His grandfather’s shoulders. It was here that He listened to the Hindu Puranas (Hindu narratives of actual happenings in the universe) for the first time. Raju Mudaliar would narrate stories of Prahlada, Markandeya, Nachiketa and Dhruva, child heroes from the Puranas of Hinduism.

It was with the same devotion that Raju Mudaliar performed his puja, and took the young Avatar to the temple every single day. He adored his grandson and knew that He was no ordinary child. He did not take Him to the temple to teach Him the culture and stories from His heritage. He took Him to the temple because he knew that was where God belonged. Bhagavan remembers these trips fondly even today.


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