His Puja Altar and My Role In It

It was My grandfather who taught Me the spiritual routine. He is the one solely responsible for whatever revival I am doing through deity worship today.

I had the good fortune to sit with him during his daily puja. He had a beautiful family of deities: Mahadeva, Devi, Ganesha, and two or three other deities, like a small deity of Subramanya, Surya and Nandi – the Shiva Panchaayatana (the ‘five supports’ or five deities worshipped as part of Shiva worship). He also had Vishnu, Ranganatha and Venkateshwara (deities from the Vaishnava tradition).Venkateshwara was also our family deity. So, all of them were there!

He would do his puja in very relaxed way, spending a lot of time, not in a hurry. He spent his time washing and cleaning the deities, clothing them, putting jewels on them, applying sandalwood paste, and offering flowers or a bael leaf, and then the naivedaym. He did this elaborately, in a very relaxed way. And he would do long rituals – eleven times super-brain yoga for Ganesha and eleven times for Shiva. When he finished with each deity, I would move that deity from this side to the other for accounting purposes – signifying that he is done with that deity!


MY GRANDFATHER’S DEITIES – These are a few of his deities – Ganesha and Shiva Linga


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