Have Your Atma Moorti, But Also Relate to the Temple Deity!


In Hindu tradition, there is a concept called atma moorti, meaning ‘my own version of Shiva’ (or any deity). It means, “He is just my own version; nobody else is allowed.” This is called ishta nishtha or leela dhyana. Srimad Bhagavatam acknowledges this process as a very powerful spiritual practice. So having your own version of the Guru or God, and relating to it, is a very powerful process! It is called leela dhyana, literally ‘living with Me’!

I have seen so many ordinary villagers in India, living with their chosen ideal and living the highest form of enlightened life, without even knowing the words Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching! Without knowing any of these words, they radiate enlightenment! I tell you, just this one truth, ishta nishtha and leela dhyana, has made millions of Indian villagers enlightened! Millions of Indian villagers practice the presence of God. So understand, unknowingly, you are practicing the presence of God!


But understand one thing: My Ganesha ate, but I cannot go to the temple and make that Ganesha eat, because the temple Ganesha belongs to the whole world. I cannot tell the temple Ganesha, “I will put you in the well!” But, I can play with My own version of Ganesha. I can tell him, “I will put you in the well!” I can do anything I want with him! I tell you, with your atma moorti, spiritual life starts. But you should take care that when you go to the temple, you don’t lose that feeling-connection with the temple moorti also! You should understand that the temple moorti has space for everyone!

The problem is, in your inner space, if you have place for one person, you don’t have place for anybody else. That is why you go on believing that I am also like that! You are a house connection; I am a transformer! Understand: in your house, the electricity connection that you have, you can use only in your house; you cannot light up the whole city. You are a house connection; I am a transformer! I have place for everyone!


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