The Lifestyle of Manifesting Extraordinary Shaktis

NITHYANANDA GURUKUL The center for creating a new species of power-manifesting humans. Featuring students of the gurukul demonstrating their powers in December 2016.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda is experienced by millions worldwide as The Avatar of this day and age, bringing permanent, precious solutions from ancient Hindu sacred texts for the global crisis being faced today. His Holiness is reviving sacred yogic sciences from Sanatana Hindu Dharma – including awakening of the kundalini shakti – our own highest potential energy, the third eye, and the expression of extraordinary powers. He works tirelessly to awaken individuals and communities to their highest possibility – a stress-free life of high achievement, power, bliss and Advaita…Oneness.

The life of Paramahamsa Nithyananda is a living example of the shastras that were written so long ago by Bhagavan Sadashiva Himself. Every teaching He elaborates on today is a result of His intense practice on Himself and the resulting success. Out of His extraordinary compassion, The Avatar landed on Earth to once again revive the sacred secrets from Sanatana Hindu Dharma.

Ever since the beginning of civilization, Sanatana Hindu Dharma has been the cradle of enlightened beings and highly advanced sciences. It is where the science of enlightenment and powers (shaktis) were lived and taught as a lifestyle. Sadashiva speaks on 463 various shaktis including:

  • seeing through the third eye
  • reading the past and the future through Akashic Readings
  • creating alchemy products for spiritual evolution
  • scanning bodies for disease and healing
  • remote scanning for retrieving lost items
  • levitation
  • materialization of objects

The initiated disciples of Paramahamsa Nithyananda express much more than just these powers through His powerful deekshas (initiations). These powers manifest from the ‘feeling connection’ and ‘integrity’ to the Divine, from the space of Oneness with the Divine. Through this, Paramahamsa Nithyananda re-establishes the ancient era of power manifesting beings on the planet.


Bhagavan Sadashiva refers to this Oneness as shuddhadvaitam.

He reveals in Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra, sutra 113, dhāraṇa 87:

saṃpradāyamimaṃ devi śrṇu samyagvadāmyaham ।

kaivalyaṃ jāyate sadyo netrayoḥ stabdhamātrayoḥ ॥ 113 ॥


O Devi, listen to this sacred tradition, I shall reveal it you vividly, completely. Just keep your eyes completely wide open, do not see or perceive anything, by simply keeping it fixed with a steady gaze (on the reality within). By this, the state of aloneness [kaivalya], the Oneness that expresses as extraordinary powers and experiences will occur immediately.


In this sutra, Sadashiva reveals the technique of experiencing Oneness with Him and from that Oneness awakening the powers of the third eye.

The shaktis cannot be unlocked by the reading or studying of the Agamas. It can happen only through initiation from a living incarnation.

One cannot taste the nectar by speaking about it. In the same way, the science of Oneness and the powers revealed by Sadashiva in the agamas, can be tasted, experienced and celebrated only from the Guru, who gives us the nectar of Oneness with the Divine that he embodies.


SRI NITHYA SUNDARESHWARANANDA MAHARAJ – Balasant of the Nithyananda Gurukul

A Nithyananda Gurukul Student explains: “The moment I close my eyes, I just get into the space of Oneness with Swamiji. When I get into that space it’s a different realm, a different world altogether. So in that space it’s that reasonless, causeless joy. Then when I am asked, ‘where is the lost ring?’ I just see the whole scene happening, like a playback video with audio. And the moment you express these powers, your whole body, your whole being, just gets into a space that cannot be described. So much of sweetness and calmness; nothing can shake you!”

– Sri Nithya Sundareswarananda Maharaj.





The center for creating a new species of power-manifesting humans. Featuring students of the gurukul demonstrating their powers in December 2016.


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