O Lord, may I narrate Your story!

tava kathāmṛtaḿ tapta-jīvanaḿ kavibhir īḍitaḿ kalmaṣāpaham śravaṇa-mańgalaḿ śrīmad ātataḿ bhuvi gṛṇanti ye bhūri-dā janāḥ ~Srimad Bhagavatam (10.31.9)~   That is which is sweet to hear, That which when heard, immediately raises one to the high conscious state, That which takes us to another level, just by remembering it That which gives deep pleasure not only … Continue reading O Lord, may I narrate Your story!

I Am Mahasadashiva

I Am Mahasadashiva the Ever-Auspicious, Eternal, Immutable, Beginningless, Endless. I create these infinite Manifest and Unmanifest Universes again and again, through the power of My third eye. I am the Hub of the great wheel on which millions upon millions of galaxies spin. As Advaita, Oneness, I am the spindle and the fulcrum of All … Continue reading I Am Mahasadashiva

No Observer is Apart from Me

As Arunagiri Yogishwara, pradeepa sarvesham, the Illuminator of all, I walk sun-clad and free In the sacred land of Arunachala. As Meenakshi, who graces with a glance, I conquer and reign, heal and bless. As Nithyananda, the Eternally Blissful, I manifest yet again to remind what has been forgotten. And as You, I remember and rejoice. … Continue reading No Observer is Apart from Me

Avatar: The Grand Descent of Consciousness into Form

The story of The Avatar is the story of the Cosmos itself - the grand Descent of Consciousness into form. Pure Consciousness pervades everything. The great rishis of Hindu tradition reveal that both the manifested and the unmanifested universe are pure Consciousness, and matter is simply projected Consciousness. The subtlest field of Consciousness of the … Continue reading Avatar: The Grand Descent of Consciousness into Form

The Mark of Kali

Time (Kaala) is divided into four ages, or yugas, that make up a cycle. The Avatar descends in the time of the most dire need - the Kali Yuga (Age of Kali). Kali is the age of great delusion, where our experience of life is most distant from reality. Sadashiva says reality is eternal bliss … Continue reading The Mark of Kali

It is Time for a Solution

  In farms all over the world that are focused on producing for the mass, the treatment of the animals is horrific. In this picture, you see an overcrowded farm in the United States where the cows hardly have room to stand, let alone roam where they want.         The twenty-first has witnessed … Continue reading It is Time for a Solution