1979-1980 Leela of Devotion

  What happens in the multiverse most often goes unnoticed by our meager human eyes. Planets collide into each other. A loophole from one dimension to the other suddenly opens. A gigantic star implodes and creates an enormous gravitational pull, sucking any matter that surrounds it into its depths. These cosmic happenings only show up … Continue reading 1979-1980 Leela of Devotion

Why Do We Worship Deities?

  Worship ‘through’ the deity In Hinduism, we have over three crore (thirty million) deities that have a history and following of their own. On a daily basis, they are worshipped in temples all over India. Every family and every community has a separate deity that has been worshipped for generations. Every concept, every theory, … Continue reading Why Do We Worship Deities?

Consecration of Deities

  Deities, therefore, are integral to the Hindu lifestyle. Our enlightened Gurus and Avatars, who continue to happen in India, energize deities through a process called prana pratishta. While priests can conduct only the ‘mantra pratishta’ - energizing deities through the chanting of mantras (sacred verses), only enlightened beings can perform the prana pratishta, which … Continue reading Consecration of Deities

Puja Practice is the Key

As Bhagavan Paramahamsa Nithyananda says, “Puju is the ultimate Shaktipada process.” Shaktipada is an energy-filled space of Oneness that you experience with the cosmos through a physical form, either with the form of your Guru or a deity. Ultimately, your prayers and worship are not a bargaining method with the Divine. Even when you pray, you … Continue reading Puja Practice is the Key

My Grandfather was My First Guru

  He told Me stories from the temple pillars When I was just three, My grandfather would carry Me on his shoulders to the Arunachaleshwara Temple. He would take Me around the temple and tell Me all the great epic stories - Puranas. I was fortunate enough to have such an amazing person as My … Continue reading My Grandfather was My First Guru

I Learnt Chanting and Reading from Him

I learnt this habit of reading a few pages of the sacred scriptures before falling asleep from My grandfather. He used to go to sleep at midnight, but even at that time, he would sit and chant Tirujnanasambandhar’s Thevaram before sleeping. He couldn’t read English; he could read only Tamil books. He was not a … Continue reading I Learnt Chanting and Reading from Him

I Picked Up His Lifestyle

I picked up that exact lifestyle from him. I never slept without reading a spiritual scripture, till I started My public life, till I realized My Avataric mission! After that, I was not able to read for more than one-and-a-half to two years. Then, when I started My public life, naturally when you are falling … Continue reading I Picked Up His Lifestyle

He Was So Integrated To His Decision To Live

    My grandfather was a rice merchant. Rice loads would come from the villages in bullock carts at night. Using a fire torch or lantern, they would unload the rice bags. In those days, lorries were not that popular. On many days, he would come home from his shop only at one o’clock in … Continue reading He Was So Integrated To His Decision To Live

His Puja Altar and My Role In It

It was My grandfather who taught Me the spiritual routine. He is the one solely responsible for whatever revival I am doing through deity worship today. I had the good fortune to sit with him during his daily puja. He had a beautiful family of deities: Mahadeva, Devi, Ganesha, and two or three other deities, … Continue reading His Puja Altar and My Role In It