Only I can Reveal Me to You

  I am also hearing My story as I narrate it! Our people have been hearing the life stories of incarnations from time immemorial. In our country, reading and hearing the life stories of incarnations is a very great spiritual practice.  But today, I Myself am going to stand away from Me and tell this … Continue reading Only I can Reveal Me to You

Purana is Not History

  There are two things: purana and history. Both are different. In Western countries, what they write is history. In Eastern countries, the history that we write is called purana! There is a big difference between the two. History means that which happens in the two dimensions of length and breadth. For example, ‘He was … Continue reading Purana is Not History

My Life Is Not An Individual’s History

  Understand this: My life is not an individual's history. The science of crores of Vedic Dharma's incarnations and rishis has been realized once again in Me. The Enlightenment science has been realized once again. So, if you understand My biography, you will understand that enlightenment science. You cannot understand a scientist's biography without understanding … Continue reading My Life Is Not An Individual’s History

Timeless Revelations on The Avatar

The universe has been planning for the happening of The Avatar since the beginning of time. Nadi readings are an astrological phenomenon where through many different means, either through a person or through palm leaf recordings, the past, present and future is revealed to any individual at any time. They are extremely profound sources that … Continue reading Timeless Revelations on The Avatar

Ancient Nadi Readings

  This particular nadi reading referring to The Avatar was spontaneously revealed (or revealed through divine intervention) to a disciple who had sought his own nadi reading. It must be mentioned here that this particular disciple was a resident of New Zealand and was a complete stranger to the nadi readers. The original nadi is … Continue reading Ancient Nadi Readings