The Gift of Tamil

Kamalatmananda on the right, receiving the books
Kamalatmananda on the right, receiving the books

I tell you please understand all of you if you look back you will have some best moments of your life and worst moments of your life. The best moments of your life only make you feel you as you. Whatever be your action in the best moments you will be established in renunciation. This is the secret of life I tell you. See in Ramakrishna mission, when I joined I was the Bramhachari who used to speak in Tamil fluently. I had the great fortune of sitting at the feet of Swami Kamalatmananda. He is now the head of the Madurai Ramakrishna mutt. He is a great sadhu. I wanted to meet him and have his Darshan. See, nobody will stop me from entering the place but he may have trouble. I studied Tamil at his feet. My whole knowledge of Tamil I put it at his feet. It was his gift. He was the editor of Sri Ramakrishna magazine. Person with so much of love and patience and responsibility of training the next generation. Every time when he is invited to large gatherings and meetings, he will prepare the discourse and make me memorize, talk, talk and repeat to him. After going to the function he will say you repeat and I will sit below. 

I tell you it is his gift whether my writing Tamil or speaking Tamil it is gift from him. All this is at least training ok. But after many years when I became enlightened and started the mission, first time I came to Madurai for Satsang where 10,000 15,000 people have come for my Darshan. He is head of Madurai Ramakrishna mutt. I did not invite him because of all these protocol problems. He came silently and sat in the audience like a visitor. When I started the satsang I saw him and I was shocked and I called him and made him sit in my throne and sat in another small chair.

Then I said, “Swamiji why did you do this? Even if you would have told I would have arranged a proper welcome”

Pic29He said it is a ten year habit. I make you talk on the stage and I sit down and watch! I came just to see how you are repeating whatever I taught to you  So he was my mentor. And all the public functions wherever the Tamil program has to happen I only will be sent. And I used to receive huge gifts. Oh. one more rule in Ramakrishna mission anything you receive from devotees is yours. It is your personal property. It does not belong to sangha. Sometimes devotees give money or gifts or jewelry, even property. When devotees come and handover in ashram office and take receipt it belong s to sangha. Anything given to you personally is yours. So I am the richest Brahmachari because I go around attending all the Tamil programs. But I tell you this Swami taught me how to practice. He is a great Shiva bhakti and really lives like a Shiva gana. Sometimes he will go to some function people will give momentos, gold, silver, watches, pen. He will give everything next day morning in a bag put it on a table.  Morning people will come and l will come and do namaskar, even public. He will put everything on table and not even look at them and say “take whatever you want” The fellows who are street walkers will go with 2 lakh worth of things. One day I asked him “why don’t you give with your own hand.?”

He will say “no”. He will not even give with his hand. End of day he will be back to his small pillow, one mat not even mattress, his old water jug. That’s all. I can be 100% sure even now he lives like that only. One water jug, one pillow and the mat. Hats off to the renunciation and the grace he taught me. 

Indescribable Gratitude

29I remember, once when I was a boy, may be thirteen, fourteen, once Kuppammal -my gurumatha- she applied mehendi on my feet and it didn’t go for quite a long time. Maybe for one month it didn’t go.  She herself sat, and with a coconut fiber she was cleaning my feet to remove that mehendi. 

Then,  Raghupathi Yogi walked into the scene.  He just came to the house and he said, “What a funny thing!  Guru is doing Pada Puja to the disciple!”

 And that deep joy and the gratitude I was carrying for the amazing love they radiated towards me and their ability to give me the tremendous feeling-connection!  I don’t know whether I am successful in that with my disciples, but my masters were successful in making that happen in me.  See, end of the day, master is responsible.  Even if you have to feel grateful, it has to be my work, it has to be my job.  I am responsible whether you feel grateful or you don’t feel grateful.  Whether I am successful or not, I don’t know; but I can say 100%, my masters were successful, my teachers were successful.

 Such moments still are there alive in me… alive, so green!  After going through such a powerful psychologically altering, physiologically altering experience, I can tell you, my whole DNA is different!  Even the DNA is no more the DNA which was there before twenty.  I can say, after twenty-one the DNA started changing, and before twenty-two end it became completely different!  Even my physiology is not the same even after going through such terrorizing experiences, life-altering, transformative experiences; still those moments I spend with them.

See now, the incident I narrated, there is nothing big in it; because she was not just my guru, she was my grandmother in a way, a distant relative, and my grandmother’s close friend.  My grandfather and Kuppamal’s husband – she was married for some time in her life. After that she lived as a sannyasini. She took sannyas and lived as a sannyasini. She never divorced, but her husband took care of her; he lived like a disciple. Her husband and my grandfather, both were business partners.  

The incident itself is not that big, but the amount of gratitude they were able to generate in my system, the amount of feeling-connection they were able to awaken in my system is still alive…..still alive!  It is a very small incident.  She was sitting and washing the feet saying that this mehendi is not going.  In those days, this hibiscus flower and shikakai powder, these two they will mix and wash the skin.  

She was washing the feet, and I was actually grumbling saying, “You don’t have any work!  You will do all this and I have to sit patiently for you to clean up!”

I still remember, till the age of thirteen, fourteen, morning I will sit and she will put the oil on my head and she will give head bath.  We were never in the society where this concept of child abuse existed.  We were able to enjoy all this relationship of grandmother, grandfather, so beautifully without the idea of corruption in our head.  Nowadays, I am even afraid to tell!  You cannot!  See, in Indian villages, it is a normal scene.  A thirteen or fourteen-year-old boy sitting, and grandmother giving a head bath, is normal.  Now you cannot even speak about this in public!  Society has changed so badly.  She will pour the oil on the head.  The funny thing is, she will change all the slokas which they chant during the abhisheka, and till she finishes the whole sloka she will pour the whole oil and it will be going all around.  The action itself is not something big.  But the context they are able to create!

Today, already I was in the mood of joy and gratitude.  And these gurukul kids, when they chanted, I was so happy they did that breaking all the verses very beautifully without missing the grammar even though the original sloka is with sandhi.  The original sloka is actually connected; these kids have beautifully broken it for chanting.  They have done it without missing the grammar.  I don’t know whether they had a book or they did it spontaneously.  Immediately, again I remembered, when I do this, Raghupathi Yogi will signal to Kuppammal.  See, in all your cases, one guru, many disciples – you guys – are sitting.  In my case, it was always the other way: one disciple, four, five gurus used to sit with me.  Four, five gurus will sit, and one disciple pampered by many gurus!  It will always be some four, five sadhus.  Kuppammal, Raghupathi Yogi, one Narayanaswamy Thaatha – he is an old man, good sadhu, but not an enlightened being, but a person with lot of yogic powers – and, of course, Yogi Ramsurat Kumar, Annamalai Swamigal, and others.  All of them are like guest professors, guest lecturers.  Various other sadhus will come and go, babas, sadhus, siddhas.  As you all know, in that Arunachala, temple town of India, hundreds of sadhus will come and go.  Actually, if I narrate the incident, you won’t find something big or extraordinary like what I said now.  A grandmother washing a grandson’s feet because the mehendi is not going. There is nothing extraordinary about it.

But I don’t know how I will make you guys understand the context which they were able to create in me, the gratitude which they were able to generate in me.  Just by the gratitude, they were able to help me.  I tell you, just by the feeling-connection, they were able to help me continuously in that higher space.  So, there is no struggle at all from my part.  I wanted this to be on record for the future.  I don’t hold myself responsible even for a 0% percent for my flowering as an incarnation.  Please listen, I am making it very categorical, I am putting this statement: I don’t hold myself as a reason or responsible or as a contributor for my becoming an incarnation even 1%, or 0.00001%, because the amount of gratitude they were able to generate in me, the amount of feeling-connection they were able to generate in me, it just helped me floating, it just kept me floating, floating, floating in that higher space continuously.  See, I don’t care for disciples, no doubt; but I don’t know whether I am able to make disciples understand I will care for them.  They were successful, my gurus were successful in an unimaginable way.  It is not that I have not had arguments with them, I have not fought with them; but I never broke from them, I never felt myself distanced from them, I never struggled to be a brahmachari, I never struggled to be a sannyasi, I never struggled to do some heavy spiritual practices like Yoga from sunrise to sunset, or going in the streets of Tiruvannamalai begging from the same shops owned by my classmates.  My classmates, their fathers’ shops, I will go and beg, because Kuppammal has said, ‘You have to beg and bring food.  Only then your life context will become right.’  She wants to teach some lesson.

The whole credit for my becoming an incarnation, my flowering as an incarnation goes to my gurus and mentors, because of their ability to command gratitude, their ability to command love, their ability to spend time with me with tremendous patience and respond.  Sometimes I feel I give up on people very quickly, easily.  I tell you, my mentors and gurus were the examples of not giving up on people.  Again and again and again, I look back, look at them for more and more inspiration not to give up on people and to have more and more patience.  The amount of patience they showed me, the amount of time they spent on me and waited for me to come to the context from where they are standing or teaching, they amount of chiseling they have done, the amount of friction they removed from me, the amount of Completion they generated in me, I tell you, still when my disciples bring some issues to me, I look back and look at them how they resolved, how they handled.



Swamiji has said that initiation has the power to make the body grow in size. Like this there are many physical symptoms of spiritual evolution. As the pure consciousness is allowed to express through you more and more your body undergoes metamorphosis. That is why even now Swamiji has not stopped growing an updating himself. He has never stopped rejuvenating. 

One important thing: everybody behaves very intelligently till their coconut is grilled. That is most unfortunate thing. See when you do the weight lifting how the nerves are green, like that when . Whenever you are able to see the nerves in the red, just understand the drilling is going on. Drilling is going on. That’s what has happened in me. It will not be seen in green or other color. It will be very deep red~ heavy, heavy heavy pain; heavy heavy pain. Physically these are the symptoms to find out whether drilling is going on. Choosing to choose, deciding to decide, it’s almost like a when you are standing in the waves the sand under your feet will be washed away taken away. If you decide to push you can stand. If you just slip one step what will happen? You will just go with the wave.

This thing which I am talking we can even scientifically prove because the parietal lobe gets thicker and thicker for example for normal man it will be only 10 unit thicker. I am giving you the example. I am revealing all this things so that future people can do research. Normal man: 10 unit only. The first spiritual experience level will be something like a 20 unit. See from 10 to 19 unit, growth will not be a problem at all. You will not even know. But the 19 to 20 jump time, there will be a strong thickening process. That breakthrough time- That’s what I call this drilling, that shell getting drilled. And after that 20 happens till 29 you will not have a problem. That 29 to 30 that breakthrough there will be another one problem. There will be another one strong move. There will be a time I can say 100 unit if it gets thickened, after that, that thickening will happen like 1000, 2000 there will not be any pain. That part, the 100th part, where there will not be any more pain during further thickening is enlightenment.

Understand there will not be any more pain during further thickening, that part, that spot is enlightenment. And don’t think after enlightenment thickening stops. No. Thickening goes on on and on. That is why the so many new things are getting revealed. But the unit when the further no more suffering during the thickening process that spot breakthrough is called enlightenment. That’s what I call as enlightenment. That is what has happened in me at the age of twelve. But it does not mean the thickening has stopped. It went on and on and on. There was no suffering. You see when I described to you guys the 1999 experience I described as suffering. It is not suffering as you understand. But I need to tell you for your understanding that’s all. It was different.

When your shell gets drilled these words will not be useful. Only love will be useful. Only love and care will be useful. These words will not be useful. This will not be useful. If your shell is getting drilled now, these words will not make sense for you. Maybe if you feel I have love for you, that is why I am uttering these words that idea may be useful for you. If you don’t have that idea then these words are no use for you. If you are not getting drilled, if your shell is not getting drilled now, then take these words and keep it. It will be useful for you.

Heaven and Hell

10995359_328587637351612_1401516141275965020_nHell and heaven have different definitions across the world’s religions. Hell; the fiery torture pit that we formed in our minds in the time of Dante’s writings. Heaven; the bright and airy abode of God. But these are monotheistic ideas of heaven and hell. Far before these ideas ever became famous, Hindu sadhus and swamis knew the truth about what is truly heaven and what is truly hell. This is the truth that Yogi Ramsuratkumar taught Swamiji when he was eleven years old. 

I had such a wonderful introduction about death by Ramsuratkumar.  I had the fortune of sitting in the cremation ground and seeing the bodies burning at the age of eleven or twelve. Understand: it’s an amazing introduction.  Nothing can equate his words and his way of introducing.  

I asked him one day out of curiosity when they were bringing one dead body.  

I asked him, “Swami, Swami, has he gone to heaven or hell?”  

I asked him in Tamil, “Sollunga, ivan narakam ponaana Swami….?”

He laughed and told in Tamil, “Ada, engeyum pogalai pa!  Ivan irukkumpodhu engey irundhaano, angey thaan irukkaan!”

I’ll translate: “People don’t go to hell or heaven.  When they were alive what kind of space they were in that will only continue!”

Please understand, when you are alive, make heaven for you by creating completion within you and completion with others.  While you are alive, make heaven for yourself.   Don’t make hell for you.  If you are in hell now, if you die now, don’t think you will move to heaven or somewhere else.  No.

I was shocked actually when he said these words. “Hey, nobody goes anywhere!”  

Come to terms with reality NOW!  Let reality not bring powerlessness in you.  Let reality not lead you to incompletion.  Let reality not make you suffer.  Let reality not make you powerless.  Coming to terms with reality is Completion.  

Leele Dhyana: The Presence of God

You need to understand, living with your chosen ideal is called “Ishta Nishta”, “Leela Dhyana”.  I have seen so many people, ordinary village men in India, living with their chosen ideal and living the highest enlightened life without even knowing the words integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching and all that!  Without knowing any of these words, they are radiating, radiating enlightenment!

I tell you, just this  one  truth,  ishta  nishta  and  leela  dhyana,  made  millions  of  Indian  villagers enlightened!  Millions of Indian villagers practice the presence of God.  Understand!  What you are doing? Unknowingly you are practicing the presence of God!

The western world kids are taught to live with Barbie dolls or cartoons they see on TV.  Fortunately, God saved me!  I was born in a  village of South India, in this great civilization, civilization of Bharat. From a young age, I was living and practicing the presence of God.   

DSC_1121See, what I understood about Ganesha at the age of three, and what I understand about Ganesha now is different. But that understanding at the age of three only has led me to this understanding.  If I was too busy with Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry at the age of three, I would have been disillusioned at the age of thirteen that Tom and Jerry doesn’t exist.  But I would not have reached any higher understanding.   Because I started living with Ganesha at the age of three, even at the age of thirty-five I have higher understanding of Ganesha which has led me to higher and higher planes of existence.  Ishta Nishta and Leela Dhyana, practicing the presence of God, living with God!

Please understand!  I need to tell you, practicing the presence of God I myself did in my life.  I carried the photograph  of  Shri  Ramakrishna  from  the  age  of  thirteen  till  the  age  of  twenty-two,  practicing  his presence continuously.  Continuously!  Whole day!  I tell you, practicing the presence of God is one of the most powerful methods to make you authentic and integrated.  Practicing the presence of God is one of the most powerful and integrated methods for becoming enlightened.

RamakrishnaListen!  I have defined leela dhyana.  Leela dhyana means, being lost in the pastimes of the Guru or God. With God one thing is that you may not be directly involved in the whole leela. So you have to remember, remember  and try to practice.   With  Guru, you are directly  part of it.   So, you don’t need to try to remember. Remember; he will be remembering you! He will be remembering you!  This is called leela dhyana.  Even if you are afraid he is going to fire you is leela dhyana.  Then practicing the presence of God is constantly feeling you are with him, he is with you.  
Practicing the presence of God is the greatest, most  powerful  technique  to  put  you  in  bhava  samadhi  immediately. Ramakrishna  did  it.   Ramana Maharshi practiced it.  Even the great agnostic, atheist, enlightened beings like J. Krishnamurthi practiced it.   If you read the biography  of J. Krishnamurthy,  from the young age he was trained to practice the presence of the higher power.

Unconventional Liberation

Yogi Ramsuratkumar

It’s a very revolutionary idea which I heard from Yogi Ramsuratkumar; a very revolutionary process. It’s a little unconventional, untraditional. I have seen he would always keep a rope; bunch of rope.

When somebody went to him for liberation and all that, he would completely tie them; he would tie their legs, he would tie their hands, and he would make them sit, sometimes even 24 hours. He would make them sit. And these poor fellows would be sitting five-six hours, and the dedication would be there. You see, for five-six hours you think, “Oh this swami is making me do this”. That dedication will be there and you will sit with patience.

But after ten hours, naturally the patience will wither away. Completely the patience will wither away. Just imagine – ten hours your hands and legs are tied and you are made to sit, and you don’t know when he is going to release you..!

See, if you know that in 24 hours he is going to release you, you will not have a problem. You don’t know when he is going to release you, so within first five-six hours the dedication will be up. That part will be up. Everything is okay. But after ten hours what will happen? That is when the suffocation will start – and especially physical tying up is such a survival thing. Nobody can tolerate more than maximum ten hours; ten hours is the maximum. You can’t tolerate more than that.

Especially the people who come to him for enlightenment are civilized people. They are not traditional trained criminals who are habituated to prison or handcuffs and all that. They are all civilized, cultured people. So ten hours was too much. Then that microcosmic bio-memory, the dedication which they carry in microcosmic bio-memory, will be exhausted.

One fellow gave the promise to him that, “I will not move till you leave me. I won’t bother.” So he sat and really, really, he sat whole day and did not get agitated.

Yogi Ramsuratkumar had a dog. Through the dog he sent word to Narayana Swami.

Narayana Swami was a very famous guru who used manifested the power to see in the mirror! In 2016, Swamiji began giving his own gurukul students this power. They will see in the mirror and show, using the power of the third eye. With the oneness that they experience with Swamiji, gurukul students create a triangle of ergy between themselves, Swamiji and you, as if each were connected by rod of light. 

When he came,  Yogi Ramsuratkumar he said in a very casual way, “Eh… show him what is happening in his house with his wife.”

Narayana Swami applied the anjanam on the mirror and showed that that lady was having an affair with somebody. This fellow’s only attachment was with  his wife. So Narayana Swami showed that the TV showed very clearly that his wife was having an affair with somebody. So immediately that engram got agitated. That agitation happened, got awakened, and this fellow immediately wanted to go to the house. He started telling, ‘Leave my rope, leave everything, I want to go there!’

Somehow Ramsuratkumar was able to slowly talk to him, “Now tell me, you gave the promise that you will work ’till the end. Now, I only brought and awakened this agitation. Now even if you go, what are you going to do? What can be done? Nothing can be done. So understand, this is the bio-memory in which you are stuck.”

Ramsuratkumar showing through Narayan Swami’s mirror to this guy. He made that person experience the silence – he calls it as a mouna – means the pulse rate becoming zero. He would check it from this point and that point and I saw that person, that devotee, experienced mouna. You will be surprised – after one day that devotee went back to the house, the wife was not in the house which the mirror showed. At that time and that day which he saw, his wife was not even in that house! The mirror showed a lie!

Understand, what that mirror showed was a lie. So that guy came back. Fortunately, I was there when that guy came back again for next darshan.

Then he asked, “Neither she was in that place nor that affair was going on, it was a lie. Why did you do it? How did you do it?”

And Ramsuratkumar was laughing; that’s all. That was his answer. I don’t know what understanding you will have out of this. Means, he simply created the whole scene! That’s the punch line! And he had one assistant to create that  lie. You understand? He simply created the whole thing in that mirror through Narayana Swami’s help, because Narayana Swami is well known for this; he can show anything. So finally it boiled down to what? He just worked on his engram, and the information shown to him was not even a fact. It was not even a fact.

But of course, to play these kind of risky games, you need a tremendous understanding between the master and disciple. If something cracks even in one place, what will happen? If that fellow had rushed there and suddenly seen that neither she was there nor the other person was there, he would lose complete trust over this person, the master and everything, and it would become a big ruckus. And when you lose trust over this kind scenes, you will not only never come back to this master, you will never go to any other master for three-four janmas – like a cat which once boils its tongue with hot milk will never go near the milk again. It is a big risk only. But he was successful. He was successful. He had an infrastructure, a dedicated disciple. In one day he put that guy into the mouna state. He calls nirvikalpa samadhi as mouna state. He put that person in mouna.

Golden Childhood


Many people write about the history of their golden childhood, glimpses of golden childhood.  No childhood is golden, because they were immature when they were in the childhood body.  When they are matured they are already in the adult body.

I lived a most matured life in a childhood body! I tell you, I had a real golden childhood!  Golden childhood is “child body, matured being”!  When a matured being lives in a child body that is a golden childhood.  You will be as innocent as kids, as enlightened as more than any adult.

Matured being in a child body is golden childhood.  All other ideas of golden childhood, look back. Actually, when you were a child how were you?  You were frightened about your teacher.  You were frightened about your hostel warden.  You were frightened about your classmates.  You were frightened about bullying by your other friends or students.

Then how can you call that as a golden childhood?  And you are pulled and pushed and dragged by small, small desires like candy, a toy!  You have so much of incompletions when you were a child.  How can you call that as a golden childhood?

Matured being in a child body is a golden childhood.


Technique for Owning Time

Integrity to time is taken with the utmost importance around Swamiji. Kalabhairava, the Lord of Time, demands that he is not wasted away with unintegrated or inauthentic schemes. This is the way that Swamiji himself conquered the dimension of time.

 Iurl can give you a very powerful technique to own your time. Take 21 days and make your routine very stable. Like, morning 6-o-clock you will be in this part doing this, 6.30 you will be in this part doing this, 7.30 you will be in this part doing this. Like this, from morning till night make a clear routine and decide for any reason the routine is not going to change and tell your mind you are supposed to be comfortable and happy in that time doing that, that’s all. You will own time. It’s a very powerful process.

Understand, I did this. I did this in my life. I still remember, in Omkareshwar I did this. I’ll make a routine, morning whatever time I used to get up, from that time to going to bed, I know thoroughly, at this moment I will be near this stone sitting. Not doing anything, nothing much to do, but even then I will be sitting at this moment near this stone and thinking about this; standardized it. Standardize it. Standardize the routine just for 21 days and decide I am going to be doing this happily. Nothing can be done.


Yoga for the Brain

images-1Always Raghupati Yogi used to always tell me , he would teach different yoga for different parts of the body. See, for hands, he willgive some yoga. For eyes, he will give some yoga. For tongue, he would give some yoga. For nose, he would give some yoga. And the most difficult part to work out is the cheek. Even for that, he has some yoga.

When I asked him, “What is the yoga for brain?”

He would say categorically, “Chant Sanskrit, the Sanskrit language.  Chant Sanskrit mantras.”

I used to be surprised. He will insist that I chant surya namaskar mantras during the postures. He would insist that mantra chanting be done. I used to ask, “How can mantras be yoga for the brain?”

But now I know it’s true. There are some techniques created and installed. When I use the word installed, it means that a kind of a belief system or understanding needs to be installed in your system before this technique works on you.

When Raghupati Yogi taught this to me, just like that, it brought results in me.

He used to say, “Sanskrit is not a language but a thinking  method. There are six systems of thinking in Vedic Tradition – poorva mimasa, uttara mimasa, sankhya, paada, nyaaya, vaiseshika – in each school of thinking the language used is completely different.”

The basic ideas about the body and mind were installed into me by Raghupati Yogi. It’s almost like giving a satellite connection. After that, opening certain channels and closing certain channels wais an easy job.

So, Hatha Yoga is able to do the job of installing the right understanding about your body in you, about your nervous system in you. I think in the education system of new man, this should be a complete syllabus. Understanding your body, understanding and your mind , should be one subject completely.

If I am allowed to design a syllabus for new man, one subject, the first subject, would be “Understanding your body and mind”

This will be the basic theory. In that, the second elective you can choose is, Extraordinary experiences’

That will be an elective, you can choose. And the second subject will be, Understanding society and family– people with whom you work.  When I say the word ‘family’ I mean the blood family or the team with which you work in your office, in your profession.

A third subject should be ‘Understanding cosmos and celebrating its presence’.

I can say, these three subjects should be the basic curriculum for new man. Fortunately the right ideas have been put inside me.

Trusting the Guru

038One day he was sitting in Padmasana, hands locked, planning to levitate. He would sit like that for some twenty minutes. And then slowly his body would move up. It would  take around half an hour to reach some three or four feet in height. And then very slowly, he would start releasing air.

I have seen, please understand, when he started releasing the air to come down, if you put a paper below that air flow, it would burn!

So one day he was preparing himself for levitation, legs locked in Padmasana, and hands locked in Samana Mudra, and an old lady came to him for healing. I don’t remember what is the problem was for which she came. And I picked up the healing stick which he used and tried to give him. He said, “You yourself do.” And I did it and she became all right. Just three times I did it and she became alright!

I can say that is the first time I started healing. Please understand, I did not gain this power in any tapas. He held me in that space. It was such a casual thing when he said, “You yourself do.” First thing, naturally, I was taken aback. But I had a strong trust on him. Because I know he was sitting in samadhi and he was rising in samadhi. In Samadhi state whatever he says comes true. I have seen that.

In samadhi state, if anybody tried to disrespect or abuse his body, I have seen them suffering like anything. One of his own sons- a grown up son- he drank and came to the house one day. In the house, Raghupathi was sitting and entering into samadhi – I can say, almost entered into samadhi – and the body started lifting up. And the son was fully drunk and he was shouting and he kicked him with the leg saying, “You do all these stupid things, but no money comes to the house!”

That’s it! That fellow had a paralytic attack and he died within a month! His own son!

So, I have seen all this, how powerful he was when he radiated samadhi. So, because he said to, I just picked up that stick and did it. Then I saw simply healing happened! From that time so many people I have healed.

But the science I understood only much later. Actually, he didn’t want to pick up the stick because he had already locked himself into the mudra and started levitating. If he opened his hand and comes down to the ground and started  healing, it may take some ten, fifteen minutes. So he didn’t want to do that. But very casually, the way he held me in his inner space, those powers started radiating in me!

I tell you, whenever a Master holds you in his inner space, never ever think he only gives you responsibility. He does not dump only responsibility on you; he dumps powers also on you! He gives powers to you! Only thing, you should trust him, not be taken aback, but continue to be part of his inner space and move. Rise to the way he wants you.

I have that response engraved in me because that is the way Raghupati Yogi will relate. Raghupati Yogi would respond.  He had that habit of having that one small stick, a small neem stick, in the villages they will keep, and go on cleaning the teeth.  Still, the elderly men in the village will have that habit.  They will eat only twice a day, but twenty-four hours they would be cleaning the teeth with that stick!  

So, my guru, my master, Raghupati Yogi, all the time he would be having one small neem stick and cleaning his teeth.  He was a village man, an elderly person.  

I still remember. I was a witness.  His child died.   They came and reported to me.  And, I was sitting next to him.  I only told him, “Guruji, one of your sons is in the hospital, it’s serious.”  

I didn’t see any shock in his face.  So, I finally broke the news, “He is dead.”  

And he continued to clean the teeth and said, “Okay, let us do what needs to be done.”

I am not saying, be insensitive.  He was not insensitive.  He just knows he cannot be violated. I tell you, establish yourself.

That brings you the strength of Mahadeva! Immediately your DNA starts vibrating in the same space of Mahadeva’s DNA.  Anybody wants Mahadeva’s DNA, blood transfusion with Mahadeva, take this concept, and from today go on digesting it.

But he lived a very ordinary life. Very ordinary life! Fourteen kids and very ordinary life; simple life, just like any householder. One house and he would come once in a while to the temple and start talking to people and living a very ordinary life.

Sometimes, I used to ask him, when I saw him expressing these kinds of powers, “Why don’t you express these powers to people? You will have a big following.”

He would just laugh and say,“The biggest miracle is producing a few enlightened people. If I do that job, I am done. Not these small, small miracles; small, small powers.”

This same philosophy is one that Swamiji carries even today. As people around him manifest extraordinary feats, Swamiji maintains “I’m not giving you powers as my glory. I’m doing all this to show your possibility!”