The Banks of Cauvery

  All of Pongianna Goundar’s life, he was suffering from an auto-immune skin disease called Psoriasis. Every day he would go to his father’s samadhi on the banks of Cauvery in Erod. One fateful night, as he was deep in slumber, when the form of his deceased father appeared before him. It startled him. It had been a long time since the remembrance of his father came to him

“Pongu” his father called out to him using his childhood nickname. “There is a sadhu sitting on my samadhi. Ask him for healing from your disease”

On the banks of Cauvery in Erod, a white structure marked the samadhi of a land owner. Swamiji settled under this structure as he ended his parivrajaka. To someone who doesn’t know this young swami is looking for some shade to sit under. Swamiji, however, was seated in his ashram. 

Pongianna Goundar left the next morning to the his father’s samadhi where Swamiji was sitting, still startled by the unreal vision that he had the night before. Just as he had dreamed, an orange clad swami sat under the white rock that he has placed there many years before when his father passed away. Suddenly struck by an incredible humbleness to whatever universal power that connected him with this swami, he approached Swamiji and collapsed in front of him in namaskar. 
It took a matter of few days for all the psoriasis scars to disappear entirely. His diseased had even progressed to a rare from of arthritis but Swamiji healing energy flowed through his bones and cartilage and rejuvenating every cell. He was a completely new person in a few days. In utter gratitude for the new hope that Swamiji had given him, Pongianna Goundar donated his land around his father’s samadhi to Swamiji. 
“Please, Swamiji, accept this” he told Swamiji as he handed him the documents. 
Swamiji smiled gracefully and took the paper into his hands.  

 This land became the first ashram that Swamiji ever established. It became a historical area. Swamiji himself built the hut that he stayed in. From there, for close to a year, he stayed and healed thousands of people just as he healed Pongianna Goundar.

Under Our Banyan Tree

banyan Sri Rama, a characteristic bow around his shoulder, guarded the lit lamp carefully with his hands as he approached the Shiva Linga. Dense forest crowded the pathway to the west side of the shiva temple. It seemed like yesterday that he was able to sit at the feet of Lord Sadashiva himself and listen to his words fill him up. He promised himself then he would come back once more and tell his closest friend and devotee the secrets that the whole world should know. 

The war had been over for some time now. With Sita and Hanuman, he returned to this sacred banyan tree where he spent time with Sadashiva to dictate and record what he learned at that time. Finally, after reuniting with his beloved wife, Rama got the chance only now. 
The lamp was the last item he needed to ready for his shiva abhishekam. With deepest devotion, once Sri Rama sat bare chested, with his yagnopavitham stuck to his  damp skin, he began chanting. The tree responded to his call. Vibrations spread like ripples in water through the air. Shiva reverberated within each atom of that area. Rama began pouring water over the shiva linga as the rudram passed through lips, like sweet words shared with your love. Water, milk, honey all made the shiva linga glisten. At last, Rama concluded with aarti. He waved the lamp in circles, offering the light to Shiva, as though he was offering the amritatva -the pure white light of our souls- to him. Rama pressed his whole body to the ground then, in a complete namaskar, surrendering completely to the divine.

3-sri-rama-navami-wallpaper.previewI also saw in the Akashic Records, the way through which Raama used to come to our temple everyday and do Puja, Shiva Puja, worship Sadashiva. He used to come from the west side and enter through west side, so the West Gopuram of our temple will be named as RĀMA GOPURAM. And the western tower of our temple will have a complete Rāmāyana in the sculpture form and we will have a Sannidhi dedicated to Rāma, as He lived here and worshipped Sadashiva here.

It was when he lived under the banyan tree that the Nithyananda Sangha worships that Rama delivered the Upanishad to Hanuman. This is Mukthopanishad that we all revere today as one of the greatest scriptures ever made.