I Am Mahasadashiva

I Am Mahasadashiva the Ever-Auspicious, Eternal, Immutable, Beginningless, Endless. I create these infinite Manifest and Unmanifest Universes again and again, through the power of My third eye. I am the Hub of the great wheel on which millions upon millions of galaxies spin. As Advaita, Oneness, I am the spindle and the fulcrum of All … Continue reading I Am Mahasadashiva

The Mark of Kali

Time (Kaala) is divided into four ages, or yugas, that make up a cycle. The Avatar descends in the time of the most dire need - the Kali Yuga (Age of Kali). Kali is the age of great delusion, where our experience of life is most distant from reality. Sadashiva says reality is eternal bliss … Continue reading The Mark of Kali